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7-year independent investigation proves that the "death" of the world's biggest pop star is just an elaborate, well-planned HOAX and there's a cover-up that took place during the Conrad Murray Trial that is easily supported by the verdict that uses the language to call Michael Joseph Jackson an "alleged victim" and "alleged date" of death.

The dead body was NEVER confirmed to be Michael JOE Jackson to which all death documents are in the wrong name of Michael JOSEPH Jackson making the death certificate invalid.

Furthermore, there's still no name on his crypt, no record of MJ in Forest Lawn Mortuaries database, no record of MJ at the Coroner's Office under the number given out at the Murray trial, no record of Michael Jackson at UCLA Medical Center and so much more.

On May 30th on the platform (Dish Network) will air the first of a trilogy of documentaries called "Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?" that was first released on Netflix (2011-2013) at 5pm & 8pm

There are 2 more documentaries called "Alive 2 Michael Jackson The Great Xscape" (2016) and "Alive III Michael Jackson The Living Dead" (2017) that is available on and

You can watch this trailer here:
May 26, 2017 5:54 PM