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Fiverrabbit, an aquaintance of mine, barely managed to make four posts yesterday before being banned sans explanation.

He's suffered from amnesia the last several years after bashing his head during a balloon ride gone tragically wrong, and figured photoshop contests on RT might be a great way to raise spirits and rekindle old memories.

These are three of the posts he made:

1) "Excellent choice".



The only explanation Fiverrabbit can think of is the mods have some perverse, deep-seated hatred for Watership Down or The Secret of Nimh, in which case Fiverrabbit respectfully hopes they'll seek therapy.

If there is some unknown, long-forgotten offense Fiverrabbit is guilty of, he challenges the moderators to look into their souls and ask themselves; What Would Jesus Do?

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Jul 12, 2016 9:28 AM

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