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Captain TerrorI confess I wasn't aware of his illness, so the recent pics of his emaciated condition were a shock.

I had thought that Bob Mould's statement about not being at all surprised about his death was unnecessarily bitchy....until I saw those photos.
Sep 15, 2017 11:53 PM
"Buffalo hunting?"
Sep 15, 2017 11:41 PM
BadLieutenantI'd also recommend this one, which is focused squarely on Stanton:


There's apparently another doc as well, Crossing Mulholland. I'll have to track them both down.
Sep 15, 2017 11:37 PM
I got 20 on the tree making the spread.
Sep 15, 2017 11:13 PM

"I wouldn't know. Not since that dog of mine put his tongue on the butter."
Sep 15, 2017 11:05 PM
wirthlingDamn it, I warned him in the Twin Peaks thread.

And I was wrong that he was, in fact, a human cockroach. :(

I hope this is how he will be buried.

Sep 15, 2017 10:58 PM
This might still be available on Amazon Prime, where I watched it a couple of months a go. It's a collection of interviews with a handful of character actors, Stanton being front and center (and frequently annoyed with the interviewer), but Coleman, Grodin and Falk all have their share of insughts as well. Worth a look.

Sep 15, 2017 10:48 PM
I guess this will be his swan song. I hope this is how he will be buried.

Sep 15, 2017 10:43 PM
The Man Stanton has succumbed to the cruel erosion of living.
Sep 15, 2017 10:34 PM

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to move my dogface to the banana patch.
Sep 15, 2017 8:09 PM
Popcorn, just remember. We will not be held responsible when you get expelled from your middle school for repeating any of the words that you learn here.
Sep 15, 2017 8:03 PM
This piece of leprous flesh, this cuntmunching mutt, this colonic follicle, this excuse for a patient zero, this shit-knuckled bitch broth, this turgid-tongued trophy-whore that can't find an ass sandwich worth its salt.

I don't want to feel no clothes. I don't want to see no panties.
Sep 15, 2017 6:19 PM
Robin McDonaldI didn't even know OT still existed.

C'mon, Robin. I've never set foot in the video game forum, but I know it exists, right there on the main forum page.
Sep 14, 2017 11:39 PM
I know that people don't like the pejorative "snowflake", but reading about how Berkeley is preparing to offering additional counseling services ahead of the upcoming speech by Ben Shapiro, and one has to ask what degree of mental fragility can possibly be inflicted by Ben Shapiro.

If the left can't refute this asshole without incurring PTSD, then maybe they are too delicate. Maybe antifa will beat more bystanders with bike chains. I dunno, we'll see.
Sep 14, 2017 11:37 PM
We've lost Husker Du's Grant Hart.

Come with me as we rediscover the underrated rattle of Land Speed Record.
Sep 14, 2017 10:00 PM
Husker Du's indefatigable drummer Grant Hart, the secret weapon behind 80s indie.

(Also Frank Vincent, you lazy schmucks.)
Sep 14, 2017 9:58 PM
Look at this stud we never knew.


I always thought the best Frank Vincent beat down was in Raging Bull. It never gets the recognition that the Billy Batts beat down gets, maybe because he survived, but it was even a better use of a taxi as a weapon than Taxi Driver.


(btw, the internet's gif-makers are apparently sleeping on this great scene.)

(bbtw, using "frank vincent" in Google images results in a lot of nonsense, including ads on webpages that announced his death. Google Images needs some new filters, I believe.)
Sep 14, 2017 9:39 PM
"There is only one."

Sep 14, 2017 9:24 PM
When I was about 13, I tried to masturbate with IcyHot. I'm probably not doing this right either.
Sep 14, 2017 9:18 PM