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BadLieutenantSpeaking of Death Wish's director, Michael Winner has to have had one of the weirdest careers in show business. He went from being a controversial director of schlock movies to a widely feared/loathed restaurant critic to an insurance commercial pitch man in the U.K.?

This is a "fun" interview which paints an interesting picture of his controversy, this is better than watching Death Wish 2!

This is a fantastic interview, Winner doesn't come out unscathed but I think he held his own. The cap off is great, that woman is a boss

She says Bronson had never been used well? I think he as used pretty well in Hard Times.

He ignores valid criticisms of the movie, and her input is very uneven. She makes some good points, but at times lets her emotions take over and she sounds silly. She somewhat tries to pretend that the rape scene isn't the biggest issue she has with the movie, but she ends up wishing him to get raped at the end. She wouldn't do that if her main problems with the movie was the dialog.

That said, Death Wish II isn't all that great. Some people write the rape scene off as cartoonish and are not so offended by it, but I don't think it adds a lot to the original to be honest.
Aug 7, 2017 1:36 AM
Sorcerer Supreme Nameless
ERotICApparently bloggers are calling this film "rasist" and "fascist" because of... something?

I've been ragging on blogs about their lack of any sort of perception towards nuance, like, when one feels compelled to write on Twitter "Angry, old white man becomes an armed vigilante against Chicago civilians. That's a dangerous message. Is Death Wish alt-right fan fiction?"... maybe he should ponder if Roth feels the exact same way? What ever happened to "putting it on display" where the feelings these works invoke are exactly the discussion Roth aims to inspire? It's, like, how exactly are we to go about dissecting the world's ugliness, what exactly IS the correct tone. What will not end up hurting the zeitgeist's sensitive ears to the point of irrationality?


I'm only 36, but I'm starting to feel like old man Carlin.

I'm getting to where I can stand people less and less.

I mean, I get that we don't really need a Death Wish remake, and I understand that we don't really need another vigilante movie with a white guy killing people. Violent crime has been going down for years I do believe. But it feels like people are becoming addicted to being "outraged".Maybe its because of technology and people now can go create a video with their Iphones and post it on youtube. The people that were enraged about Ghostbusters being remade are an example.

And you have bloggers/critics like these that are looking to shout fascism, racism, socialism or communism at every turn.

I have enough self-awareness to know that I'm a far cry from a master in regards to communication and social skills... But if I go and look on facebook people are communicating now but tossing out memes at each others. Fucking terrible.

Aug 5, 2017 1:09 AM
Apex Predator
Death Proof
Apex PredatorI kinda thought Liam Neeson already did this. It was called Taken.

You're mistaken. Denzel did this and it was called The Equalizer.

Willing to concede that there was more than one remake of Death Wish. The Equalizer and Death Sentence both qualify.

The biggest problem I had with Death Sentence is that John Goodman gave the worst performance of his career.
It's pretty fun outside of that. It needs a US blu ray release.
Aug 4, 2017 1:41 AM
88 Miles Per HourThe Death Wish movies arent exactly high art - maybe the first one played it straight but the rest were just campy fun. This looks to try and emulate that.
Will never be as awesome as DW3 though.

Death Wish 3 is terrible. lol?
It makes Commando and Cobra look like realistic movies.
Aug 4, 2017 1:39 AM
Anthony Hurley
Rumpled 4 Skin

Willis has reached the point where you can't even stitch together a trailer to make it seem like he actually gives a fuck.

He does look tired don't he

Yeah, Bronson was going through the motions by the time part 3 came around and he still put in more effort than this.
I think he stopped giving a fuck after Kevin Smith outed him as an asshole It feels like hasn't recovered since.

Looper and Moonrise Kingdom came out post Cop-Out. I also feel like seeing him show different emotions beyond "grump face" shows that he's trying a lot more than he has in the Expendables films and his numerous DTV endeavors.

But look at the good movies vs. the number of movies he has clearly taken for the paycheck since Cop Out. Not to mention his attitude since that time.

Even though 2 movies you mentioned were like 6 years ago now. I have zero faith in him at this point.
Aug 4, 2017 1:36 AM
Rumpled 4 Skin

Willis has reached the point where you can't even stitch together a trailer to make it seem like he actually gives a fuck.

He does look tired don't he

Yeah, Bronson was going through the motions by the time part 3 came around and he still put in more effort than this.
I think he stopped giving a fuck after Kevin Smith outed him as an asshole It feels like hasn't recovered since.
Aug 3, 2017 6:59 PM
They already remade this with Kevin Bacon in the role.

Yeah, the movie didn't have a rape in it, but it was still basically the same movie. It was a decent enough (if a bit cartoony at times) remake, so there is no need for this.

People aren't going to pay to see Bruce in a lead role anymore... Due to his age and the fact that everyone now realizes that he is an asshole that no longer gives effort.
Aug 3, 2017 6:52 PM
NathanielTwo monumental losses. Both played a huge part when I first got into film. Most wish their careers were as essential as Moreau, and Shepard made it seem like he could do it all.


EDIT Fuck. I misspelled Shepard's name.

Days of Heaven
The Right Stuff
Paris, Texas
The Pledge
Black Hawk Down
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Killing Them Softly?
August: Osage County
Out of the Furnace
Cold in July
He kind of had an up and down career. A hot start that went from 78-88, but he didn't do a lot in the 90's... He did a couple of films in the early 2000's, but then kind of went away until Jesse James. Then he appeared it a lot of films over the last 5 or 6 years. He seemed like the kind of guy that was active when he felt like being active.
Good actor.
Jul 31, 2017 4:42 PM
Most of today's actors lack the charisma and charm to make the character very entertaining now. I think the depressed/extremely serious Bond needs to end when Craig retires from the role.
Jul 27, 2017 7:27 PM
RockAlso, has anyone ever yelled a line this loudly?

One thing I do love about the movie is Rhodes death scene:

Not just the gore, but I laugh my ass off at Rhodes reaction when he opens the door and sees all the zombies standing there.
Jul 25, 2017 5:33 AM
EraserFor the last 20 years I was convinced that Day of the Dead was not in the same league as its predecessors. ?Or is it? ?I was recently reading reviews for it at IMDB and someone mentioned it's strengths and why it was their favorite installment of the original trilogy. ?I thought no, it can't be better than Dawn of the Dead. ?Or is it? ?I watched Dawn the night George died, and four days later I watched Day after reading those raving comments. ?Everything the reviewer said was true. ?The zombies actually decayed and not just blue like in Dawn. ?No two zombies look the same in Day. The gore is even more extreme than the first two films. ?The tone is serious. ?There is no clowning around in this movie. ?Another thing I noticed that the reviewer didn't bring up was the music. ?Day's score is 80s and not 70s cheese like in Dawn. ?So far, everything about Day is better except the actors. ?Ken Foree carried Dawn a long way, in a manner than nobody in Day could match. ?But 20 years after first seeing these pictures, Day of the Dead was climbed my horror top 100 list considerably.

I think think Day is a mediocre film. The setting is boring, the dialogue is terrible, and all the of the characters are awful. The message had become more important than scares and entertainment value. There is some better gore, but that's about all it offers more than the first two films. I mean, perhaps it got too much hate in the 80's and 90's, but I think its headed toward the other side of the extreme at this point. Where is the entertainment and scares?

Sure I hate the blue faces in Dawn, and the film losses some steam after Roger gets bit and before the final act, but its still far better than Day of the Dead.

I don't feel that George R's last two zombie films count and so the only reason I might buy Day is to complete the 4 film series.
Jul 24, 2017 11:10 PM
Black PhilipIt's gonna be hard to top Hacksaw Ridge. That was Mel in serious top level.

It was good in terms of how Mel handled the action and everything, but the storytelling was predictable and kind of bland. Still a good movie though.
Jul 21, 2017 3:56 AM
Nolan makes entertaining enough films. I mean, I don't hate any of his films that I've seen this far... Which is everything up until Interstellar, but I feel like the critics try to paint him as a great filmmaker. I don't think he has delivered a 5 star film as of yet though. I'm sure there is a lot of pressure on him to keep delivering big numbers at the box office, but perhaps he needs to take on a smaller project. Sometimes it seems like he wants to be Spielberg in terms of spectacle, but his films just don't stick with me emotionally.
Jul 21, 2017 3:55 AM
Rumpled 4 Skin
Anthony HurleyLife isn't anything special. He decided to get out of it. It's sad for his family and friends.


Jul 21, 2017 2:58 AM
Life isn't anything special. He decided to get out of it. It's sad for his family and friends.
Jul 20, 2017 8:14 PM
I enjoy it. It's far from perfect, but it had as great mood and everything. I hated it the first time I saw it though and I think it was because I expected it to be more buddy cop like.

I'd probably give it a 7.5/10 or so.
Jul 18, 2017 8:02 PM
Michael Gustafson
Feuer und EisStill waiting for The Abyss Blu-Ray as well. It feels like it's taken forever. I know Jim is a stickler when it comes to providing high quality visual fidelity, but I think it might have more to do with the peripheral nightmare he'll have to experience while compiling lost footage and "making of" documentaries. I distinctly remember cast and crew not getting along on that film (multiple near death experiences). Oddly enough, he appears to be more hands-on for this particular home video release than any of his other films.

Brick's Blu-Ray omission is questionable as it is relative cult classic, and was incredibly cheap to make (less than 1M). You'd think the studio/director would want to expand its accessibility to Blu-Ray format.

From what Rian Johnson has said, it's out of his hands basically. Focus has been really weird with the distribution of the film. There's a blu-ray and steelbook release in the U.K. and it makes me furious lol. I don't have a region free player... :/

I think that UK release might be OOP. I'm not 100% sure though.
Jul 18, 2017 12:44 AM
Rated NCC-1701I'm betting on Twilight Time to get it, since it's taken this long. They tend to acquire forgotten acclaimed films, and it's why I have Remains of the Day now.

That would suck... Twilight Time charges maximum prices and offers few features. Plus the limited number of copies they sell.

TT is Mill Creek with several times the sales price.
Jul 17, 2017 5:25 PM
Janson JinnistanSince I see Takoma posting nearby, I want to go ahead and preempt some love for the fabulous Martin. ?See it if you haven't. ?Romero may have had some misfires, but he was far from a one-trick pony.

I just rewatched this two nights ago. For me I think it's his best.

I also think I finally just came around on his Dawn of the Dead. I don't know if it was a different cut I saw this time, or if I've just finally acclimatized to its own particular rhythms after about seven or eight failed watches, but I'm not at the point that I would call it a very good film. Still wouldn't make my top 50, like it does for many here, but at least I'm passed completely shrugging it off and being baffled at its mighty standing in the genre.

Dawn was my first favorite movie. I think I would say that I was 7 years old. I remember having my bag of toy guns and trying to reenact the movie in my front yard.
I kind of wish that George hadn't gone with the blue make up though.
Jul 17, 2017 12:47 AM


This sucks.

Jul 16, 2017 9:26 PM