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I wouldn't lose any sleep over not being able to see Evelyn. It's a real middle of the pack giallo
Mar 25, 2017 11:48 PM
Robin McDonaldIts not a stolen seat.

I'm all for accepting Gorsuch because he is realistically as good as it is going to get under the circumstances, but of course it is a stolen seat. Those who oppose him because of this aren't being unreasonable.
Mar 25, 2017 11:18 AM
Black PhilipLondon, Ontario you say? Do the people eat scones and drink tea at 3PM?

Mar 25, 2017 3:21 AM
Clarence Boddicker I found myself in Toronto, London ON. (surprisingly good record shopping),

When I went to school in London I I pretty much spent every penny I had (that wasn't spent on alcohol) at Dr. Disc and City Lights.
Mar 25, 2017 2:51 AM
Takoma1I just read that Tomas Milian, who starred in Django, Kill . . . if you live, shoot!?passed away.

Shitty, just watched him in Emergency Squad. Maybe I'll put on Django Kill in his honor (I own it but I haven't seen it for a few years and it's pretty hazy in my memory)
Mar 25, 2017 1:26 AM
Obi SpenobiIs hating The Breakfast Club controversial?

It shouldn't be.

Clearly you guys don't know what it was like to live in the 80's. Especially if you were a brain, or an athlete, or a criminal, or a princess, or a basket case.
Mar 24, 2017 5:14 AM
Mar 24, 2017 4:16 AM
The In KeeperIf you dont tell be how I'm leaving it.

Actually, let's fix this first.
Mar 24, 2017 4:15 AM
The In KeeperI couldn't figure out how to do it. But it's got the question mark and says "Class = Media Object"
that's accidental genius

Just fix it, dummy.
Mar 24, 2017 3:44 AM
Fix your avatar, dummy.
Mar 24, 2017 3:36 AM

Still laughing.
Mar 24, 2017 3:09 AM
Little Ash
I'm trying to remember, have you seen She? Because it feels like it has a similar in its level of craziness from that description, but... worked, which it sounds like this didn't.

Nope, doesn't appear that I've seen that one.

And Hundra works fine. It's not going to light up the lives of pure cinema lovers, but it is competent enough (at least by my standards), appears to have had enough of a budget to not make the period details look completely embarrassing and it is pretty much consistently entertaining and weird from the beginning to the end. I initially thought a nearly two hour movie like this was going to test my patience, but it really didn't. The acting is atrocious, but this is a completely acceptable flaw in a genre movie like this.
Mar 24, 2017 1:38 AM

I am never going to stop laughing.


Finally, the Trump Presidency has given me something that really matters.
Mar 24, 2017 1:26 AM

I'm pretty sure I found this movie to be stupid, unsettling, terrible, funny, unpredictable, plodding, incomprehensible, annoying, gross, slowly disintegrating and maybe, somehow because of all of that, even slightly frightening too.

Straight-to-Video Poetry.
Mar 23, 2017 4:29 AM
Janson Jinnistan
crumbsroomLet me guess, they're going to use Russian Steel instead.

I don't know if you're joking, but the Russian corporation Evraz will be exporting a percentage of the steel.

Was both joking and making an honest guess. How can one not treat reality like a giant and expected punchline these days.
Mar 22, 2017 8:42 PM
Robin McDonaldI hope this gets traction today because I find it so offensive. Yesterday Trump is out bragging again to his crowd about his one indisputably good idea.
If we are going to build a pipeline we have to use American steel. So today I learn the trans american pipeline is now exempt from using American Steel.

Let me guess, they're going to use Russian Steel instead.
Mar 22, 2017 8:35 PM
Due to how comically absurd this whole Russian thing is quickly becoming, I can't help but feel like some grubby and paranoid and partisan little conspiracy theorist anytime I talk about it with anyone, Like, this can't really be happening right? It's just so...insane. But I really really think this is happening.

Yet another reason to despise this doltish administration, making me feel like the kinds of people I've been making fun of for the last twenty years.
Mar 22, 2017 4:55 PM
I'll double down on Mist controversy by saying the ending was entirely fitting since the movie wasn't terribly good, so why not just end the whole thing on an easy cheap shot.

Darabont is really nothing more than a serviceable pop director who has been much too reliant on second and third tier King work.
Mar 22, 2017 4:13 PM
Ben Organa
Robin McDonaldI'd really like to see Get Out.?
But after Moonlight I really would like to see a film that has black leads that isn't about racism,
where they don't live in the worst part of the inner city, isn't about slavery, isn't set during the civil?
rights movement or Jim Crow. And maybe isn't Tyler Perry either.?

After Earth was the right direction, just too bad it was a bad movie. ?The Brits seem to know
how to put Black characters in stories and they are just people. And they don't have to be light skinned
black either. That's what I would like to seen in American films.

That's because it's a reflection of their culture. The black/white relations in Britain isn't toxic like it's in America. In Britain, blacks aren't considered the "other". Many black Brits I talked to thought Get Out looked silly. That's because they don't understand the racial aspects of the movie as they live in a country that doesn't have them.?
In fact, most Brits and Euros laugh at America and its obsession with colour in the 21st century. It's something we Europeans worked out in the 18th century. Come on America, I know you tend to be behind Europe on most issues. But three centuries is too much, even for lethargic and useless people like you.?

I've also talked to people from Britain, and what they told me is that Ben Organa is full of shit.
Mar 22, 2017 3:47 PM
RookVery little appeals to me about the following movies, which appear almost universally on people's favorite lists

No Country for Old Men
There Will Be Blood
Shawshank Redemption
Fight Club
Pulp Fiction
Godfather 1/2

And 2 others I see oft mentioned:
Lost in Translation
American Beauty

I guess i'm the worst movie fan ever

Don't feel too bad about American Beauty. That shit has aged about as well as the complimentary gravy I got with the Chinese food I ordered last summer and still have sitting in the back of my fridge in a busted styrofoam cup that clearly is not protecting it from any of the wear and tear of its advanced age.

Also Shawshank is a bunch of well made nothing, and Fight Club is little more than perfect companionship for maladjusted 14 year olds (ie. perfect for me at 21)..

Feel free to focus on feeling bad about the rest
Mar 22, 2017 2:54 PM