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Thief12And it's not just these. It's this Hollywood "recent" fetish with prequels. Just look at what Disney is making with the Star Wars universe. We have prequels for Han Solo, Boba Fett, and now Obi-Wan. Who needs that?

I needed Rogue One.

Rogue One was an exception. I thought it was pretty good, maybe even great. Right now, all the others seem like overkill. I hope I'm wrong.
Aug 24, 2017 2:10 AM
And it's not just these. It's this Hollywood "recent" fetish with prequels. Just look at what Disney is making with the Star Wars universe. We have prequels for Han Solo, Boba Fett, and now Obi-Wan. Who needs that?
Aug 24, 2017 12:05 AM
In the Alien vs. The Thing topic, it's tough. Both are great, but I tend to go more with the latter when it's time to rewatch something.

And I've said it before here, but I'm probably one of the few who would put 28 Weeks Later above Days.
Aug 23, 2017 11:58 PM
Popcorn ReviewsI watched Melancholia recently, and I was pretty impressed by it. I liked the film's representation of depression. The main reason I think the film did a good job at representing this was because it did so subtly a lot of the time. Examples of this include how Justine and Michael seemed distant from each other both in his facial expressions and how he seemed completely unprepared when he gave his wedding speech - it was almost like he didn't know much about Justine at all. This was also represented great in the dance scenes as most of the people Justine was dancing with were different people than her fiancee. The 2nd half of the film was also impressive as it expertly showed the differences between Justine and her sister, Clair. Clair seemed to be worried about a possible end of the world as opposed to Justine who didn't seem to mind it. Their reactions towards the potential apocalypse were unsettling at times. It was also nice how the movie even provided depth to John by making him seem like a coward. On top of that, I also liked the emotionally absorbing opening scene and the downright perfect final shot. I really enjoyed this movie, and I strongly recommend it.


Melancholia is a great film. One of the most affecting films I've seen in terms of its story, plus it has some great visuals. Love it.?
Aug 23, 2017 11:55 PM
Sorcerer Supreme NamelessLike, why is the director of The Hangover movies directing a Joker origin movie produced by Martin Scorsese? What part of any of this makes sense, DCCU is literally the Trump Administration of Hollywood, just a complete shitshow yet they are somehow profiting, and if anyone steps out of line they throw them and their families under the bus. Money is just the sugar feeding this cancerous tumor. Stephen Mnuchin and his dumbass wife snickering at us peasants

Nothing about the DC films has made sense so far. It was just a cash-grab attempt from the start as they tried to catch up with Marvel, and they've been wingin' it ever since.
Aug 23, 2017 11:51 PM
[font="Source Sans Pro", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]13 Horror Films starring before they were famous actors?[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]1. The Hunger (Willem Dafoe)[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]2. A Nightmare on Elm Street (Johnny Depp)
3. Leprechaun (Jennifer Aniston)

[font="Source Sans Pro", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (Ren'ee Zellweger)
[font="Source Sans Pro", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]5. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (Crispin Glover)[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]6. The Terror (Jack Nicholson)[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]7. Halloween (Jamie Lee Curtis)[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]8. Midnight Madness (Michael J Fox)[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]9. Night of the Living Dead (1990) (Tony Todd)[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]10. Dawn of the Dead (2004) (Ty Burrell)[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]11. Critters 3 (Leonardo DiCaprio)[/font]
Aug 23, 2017 7:21 PM
What worries me more about the next episode is the amount of subplots they might try to cram in. Since the last episode was pretty much all Jon/Dany, I'm sure that the next will have...

1. Jon and Dany
2. The others returning from the North (Jorah, The Hound)
3. Sansa and Arya
4. Bran time-warging (something that I think should've been eased on audiences more gradually)
5. Cersei and Jaime
6. Sam and Gilly
7. Littlefinger doing devilish things
8. Theon and Euron?
9. Greyworm? Missandei?

And there is speculation that there might be a potential flashback to Rhaegar and Lyanna. Even with the episode being longer than the usual, it's still a shitload of stuff to cram in one episode.
Aug 23, 2017 4:47 PM
The thing about Arya is that she has been around death for so long that it's all she knows. I'm not sure how intentional these things are, but if you see her journey through all the show is riddled with death and "dead people", from Yoren and the Night's Watch, to being in a "dead castle" at Harrenhal, and finishing with her time with The Hound and then the Faceless Men. She is a borderline sociopath, and I don't mean that necessarily as a slight, but all she knows is death. She is skilled, but her desire of revenge clouds her judgment and I think it will eventually be her undoing. I know she is a fan favorite, but that doesn't deny the fact that she is a ruthless murderer.
Aug 23, 2017 4:09 PM
LegendDamn a lot of people favor Sansa over Arya? That's crazy. Arya is an honorable warrior fighting for the reputable House Stark and the memory of her noble father. Sansa is a conniving bitch, power hungry and deceitful. She's basically a combination of Cersei and Baelish.

I'd say that's a very convenient way to phrase it. It actually surprises me the reaction a lot of people here are having towards Sansa. To me, the last seasons have turned the tables on both characters in terms of which one is the most interesting, with Sansa being one of the most interesting ones right now. But anyway, both characters have learned in many different ways how to survive in this dark world, and both of them are applying what they have learned in their own ways. Arya learned her ways on the "streets" while Sansa learned in the palace. I think it's an interesting contrast.
Aug 22, 2017 1:45 AM
Solid episode, lots of tense moments with Jon's posse stuck on the ice. I do think the "redshirts" were a bit distracting, mostly because the amount of people in the group kept changing (in the first wide shot, there were ten people, the polar bear killed 2, I think; but then in another shot, there were like 9 or maybe 10)... small detail, but seems dumb enough at this point. I also think that the Benjen thing was not very "elegant" like someone else wrote in another forum ("There's no time!"... of course there is! you just have to fuckin' jump in the horse!)

The other tense moments, and probably my favorites from the episode, were the two exchanges between Sansa and Arya, and I can see there's a lot of passion here about that. It pisses me off because I like both characters, but it's good stuff in terms of drama. I think lots of people are being too hard here on Sansa, but I also understand that Arya doesn't have the big picture of it. Also, part of me dislikes Littlefinger with a passion, but the other really, really likes to have him in the show. He has become, IMO, the most clever mastermind of the whole show. It's so good to have him because you just don't know what to expect from him, but then again, I'd like to see him die the most horrible death.

About Dany and Jon's last moment, I do think it was a nice scene, mostly because Emilia Clarke delivered with her broken-down expression. I believed her change of heart. Not so much with Jon, who's "how about my queen?" moment felt clumsy and not organic. Also, the sexual tension is awkward, at least from my pov. Not sure how intentional that is.

And was I the one wondering where the white walkers got those chains? ?:D?
Aug 22, 2017 1:39 AM
Who Killed Captain Alex? (2010), recommended by Apex Predator (RT)

African cinema is booming! And that's no joke. In the last 15-20 years, the output from African filmmakers has increased more and more; and Who Killed Captain Alex? is Uganda's gift to us. The film was written, produced, directed, and edited by Isaac Nabwana (a.k.a. Nabwana IGG), an aspiring filmmaker working from a slum in Kampala. The film has a reported budget of $200, and watching it one has to wonder where they went?

The film follows an ensuing battle between the local military, led by Captain Alex (Kakule William), and a "crime syndicate" called the Tiger Mafia, led by Richard (Sserunya Ernest). When Alex mysteriously appears dead, the military blame the Tiger Mafia, while his brother - a ninja/karate expert - sets out for revenge. But the truth of the matter is that the plot is largely nonsensical, and mostly an excuse to put two groups running through the jungle while they shoot at each other.

I believe that to properly review this kind of film, or any film, one has to put things in the proper perspective. What were the circumstances behind the production? what is the intention of the filmmaker? and more importantly, were you entertained? This Ugandan film has almost unanimously awful performances (maybe Ernest is the exception as bad guy Richard), the special effects were cheaper than those in an Asylum film, and the overall editing and narrative flow lacks coherence.?

But when you realize that it was made in a poor slum with untrained actors, by a director who's working on an old Acer computer from his own home, with days-long power outages every week, well, it's actually impressive to see the end result. To be honest, the direction is far from bad. Nabwana knows about camera placement, and even though the quality of the image is not the best, you get the idea that he knows what he is doing. Plus, the fight choreography is pretty solid, which, for an action film has to be important.

The film starts by saying that the film is "lost". Between the electricity issues in his house and the lack of proper resources, Nabwana had to delete the film to make space for his next one. What is survived is a DVD master featuring a "video joker" (turns out that "video jokers" are a common practice in some African theaters, adding commentary, translations, and jokes during the show). That gives you an idea of what is behind this film.?

IMO, it is worth a watch. Be it because you want to laugh at it, or because you want to take a look at how cinema "grows" in a different country, check it out. I can respect Nabwana's passion and devotion for bringing to their country, a fun and action-packed film, regardless of the struggles. And judging from all that I've read about the film on the Internet, looks like he succeeded.

To add perspective to the film, I recommend the following articles:

Who Killed Captain Alex?: The Best Worst Film of 2010, Uganda-Style @ Huffington Post
A Ugandan Filmmaker's Quest to Conquer the Planet with Low-Budget Action Movies @ VICE
Aug 20, 2017 10:20 PM
Nothing But the Truth (2008), recommended by H.I. McDunnough (BPS)

If you were a journalist, how far would you go to protect your source? Would you risk your job? Would you go to jail? What about your marriage or time spent with your son? I'm not sure if I will, but I do know that the confidentiality provided by the First Amendment is one of the assurances we have of a free press. That is the basic premise of Rod Lurie's little-known drama.

Nothing But the Truth follows Rachel Armstrong (Kate Beckinsale), a journalist for a small newspaper that lands a juicy scoop. After an assasination attempt on the President, the US launches an attack against Venezuela holding them responsible for the attempt. However, Armstrong discovers that a covert CIA operative (Vera Farmiga) had provided information to the White House proving their innocence, but the White House still decided to go on with the attack. Armstrong's article becomes a hit, but not before starting an avalanche of consequences on her.

Enter Patton Dubois (Matt Dillon), an ambitious federal prosecutor that convenes a Grand Jury to force Armstrong into revealing her source. Despite the threat of jailtime, Armstrong holds steadfast to her principle, with the support of her husband (Rusty Schwimmer), her boss (Angela Bassett), the newspaper legal advisor (Noah Wyle), and her newly appointed attorney, Albert Burnside (Alan Alda). How far will those loyalties last? Well, that's what each of you have to find out.

The truth is that I was surprised by how good this was. I hadn't heard nothing about it before, but after seeing it, I do think it is deserving of more notability. The performances are overall solid, with a few standouts in Dillon and Alda. Beckinsale delivers, but not to the extent that I think she should've, considering the weight of the role. The thing is that the film doesn't preoccupy itself with the surrounding political environment: the attempt on the President is irrelevant to the plot, the CIA machinations - although hinted in a nice scene - are not explored, not even the journalistic maneuvers are put forward. The focus of the story is Rachel, and how she deals with this unexpected turn of events, and in that respect, I think a stronger actress would've worked wonders.

Other than that, I would say that the film lacked a proper climax, which left things feeling a bit flat towards the end. However, there's a true kicker in the last reveal that really left me thinking. Add to that the great performances from Alda and Dillon, and you have a true diamond-in-the-rough here. Grade: B+
Aug 20, 2017 1:32 AM
Janson JinnistanI'm always surprised at the age of some people, but that Billy was mid-40s with that physique is very surprising.

Either way, RIP.

I agree. My mom is only a couple of months younger.

Anyway, RIP. I always loved Billy.
Aug 19, 2017 3:40 PM
[font="Source Sans Pro", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]13 films referenced in any way during Pulp Fiction[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]1. Psycho (shot of Marcellus Wallace crossing the street while Butch is at the stoplight)[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]2. Karate Kiba (The "Ezekiel" speech)[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]3. Pandora's Box (Mia's dance moves)[/font]
[font="Source Sans Pro", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]4. The Seven-Year Itch (Marilyn Monroe lookalike at the diner)[/font]
Aug 19, 2017 12:38 AM
13 non-silent movies that have very little dialogue

1. Blade Runner
2. All is Lost
3. Silent Movie*
4. Hukkle
5. Wall-E
6. Playtime
7. Vampyr
8. Cast Away (fixed! sorry, pet peeve of mine :D )
9. Stalker
10. Tonari no Totoro
11. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
12. 3-Iron
13. Hours (2013)

13 films referenced in any way during Pulp Fiction

1. Psycho (shot of Marcellus Wallace crossing the street while Butch is at the stoplight)
Aug 18, 2017 11:16 PM
13 films where someones willy is visibly Erect

1. The Virgin Psychics
2. Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny
3. Skin Deep
4. 9 Songs
5. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Aug 18, 2017 12:07 AM
Matthew Good... Band
Thief12Source Code is one of the best films I can think of, in terms of time travel.

Source Code doesn't technically use time travel.

Technically, no. But it puts most of its "logic" on quantum physics, and the idea of time travel is based on quantum physics. But I get your point. Either way, great film.
Aug 17, 2017 11:30 PM
Black Philip
Captain TerrorThe only 2 cents I'll add is that whenever you get around to Metropolis, look for the longest, most recent restoration you can find. I've been watching it for about 20 years and I find that whenever they discover new footage, the story becomes easier to follow, more coherent and just better overall. The Kino BluRay is the most up-to-date version as far as I know.

Thanks for this! I also haven't seen any Fritz Lang film; I've wanted to check Metropolis for a while, but always see there are several versions with different durations. I was about to ask this, but you beat me to it. Thanks!

They play the long version on TCM every once in a while.

So is the long version, the "preferred" or "essential" one?
Aug 17, 2017 11:22 PM
John DumbearSince I rewatched it a couple of days ago, its still great.


For some reason, I almost missed this. Is it the one from Friedkin? 1977?
Aug 17, 2017 11:19 PM
Apex Predator
Who Killed Captain Alex? (I tried getting Rump to watch this for a while now, but since I've given up, I'm passing this on you. Plus, it's on Youtube and under 70 minutes. What can you lose?)

Do you know of a "decent" site where I can see it? All I could find on YouTube and Vimeo was one with a "video joker" and another one with a "commentary".
Aug 17, 2017 11:04 PM