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Alien is one of those films that breaks the top off of the thermometer and hovers around in that area of..."perfect" can't be the word, can it? Angelic? Divine? Sublime? Anyway, the area that is inhabited by art that cannot be outdone but only (rarely) equaled in some different fashion. It's my personal favorite of the films that occupy that area.

The best part of all its awesome parts is the cast. I swear to God, I love every member of the Nostromo crew and I actually feel like I'm watching real people die with every tragic death. Don't get me wrong, the monster is, hands down, the best I've ever seen in any movie, but that cast knocked it out of the continent the park was in.

I even like Ash. That brings into play the question of good and evil VS objective nature. Can Ash blame humanity for making him this way? Can we blame God? Ash had my favorite line in any movie I've ever seen. " have my sympathies."

I just got the chills.
Nov 16, 2016 4:01 PM
I've got The Wailing at home (DVD Netflix) and I'm watching it this weekend. This is the strength of this forum. I have seen so much cool stuff that I wouldn't have otherwise heard of. I actually cannot think of any recommendations I've taken from here that could remotely be called a waste of time. Some credit to personal discernment to be fair, but kudos to everyone here!

I will be seeing The Handmaiden for sure. (barring mysterious accidents or cataclysmic events)
Nov 16, 2016 3:50 PM
It's a tie between Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) and The Spy Who Loved Me (better Jaws than Spielberg!!!....blasphemous but true for a 9 year old kid).

These were basically the first two movies I really remember seeing in the theater and we didn't have VHS back then. Those and a mish-mash of old Sinbad Harryhausen stuff and Star Wars of course. They warn you that crack is addictive after the first hit, but they don't warn you about all the other things that are.

Mostly I got into this shit from TV: Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, The Prisoner, Tom Baker's Dr. Who, Danger UXB, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, M.A.S.H. ....
Nov 16, 2016 3:40 PM
I have about 4 favorite JB films, all tied, all for different reasons. CR is one of them for the most basic reason: I think it is the best basic James Bond film in terms of film making.

The pacing seemed slow when I first saw it, but after three viewings I love the succession of scenes. It's moves at a really nice clip and I love the little anchors of the characters back at the baccarat(?) table as sort of little chapters marks as their own little chapters. The opening...please. Too. too awesome. Mikkelsen? Fuuuuuck. Too cool for school. So much awesomeness. So, so much. Felix Lighter? Dude! Best Felix ever. The White King? I knew that guy was the shit when he showed up for, what, 2 seconds. And Craig? Spot the fuck On!

Sorry to be so ambiguous about my opinion on this film.
Nov 15, 2016 10:41 PM
Apex PredatorThis is the most divided that I've seen us since the Civil War.

OMG!!! Do you still have your daguerreotypes? Daguerreo-chat me some of those, it's been forever. (I'll PM you my telegraph address.)
Nov 15, 2016 10:33 PM
Cheers. Sorry for the rant, but all my sci-fi friends are in other states and one's in another country. You guys are my most immediate sci-fi club, so thanks for putting up with my lunatic raving.

You mentioned Blade Runner earlier and I wanted to chime in with...for a while I got very sick of that movie and all its reduxes and I'd seen it something like 12 times a year for 15 years. But I stayed away from it for so long and recently saw it again and...Holy shit. That seriously remains one of the best sci-fi movies I've ever seen!!! and it holds up over time better than almost anything. Only Alien (except MOTHER) and 2001 (except the 60's interiors of that orbital station) have done as well not looking dated. I apologized to the movie and I think we're cool now.

It's funny how the term cyberpunk was coined in '84 and Blade Runner defined it two years prior. Way to go, Scott! Also worth noting that, from what I heard, although it deviated from the original pretty significantly, PKD was rumored to be stoked at the early footage they let him see of future L.A., and then died 4 months before it was released and made his family richer than God when studios starting bidding on the rights to most of his other stuff. I'm probably just reiterating that, but in case someone here hadn't heard it; I think it's a good/sad story.

Nov 15, 2016 10:28 PM
I'm definitely not ragging on the show or any science fiction, I'm just wary of the concept of colonization being a 'get out of destroying the planet free' card.

If we could establish a functioning agricultural facility that would sustain the personnel stationed there, including self sufficient oxygen production and water reclamation, and these people were committed to a very long haul if not life, then maybe it could work. What worries me is the thought of ferrying shit back and forth, particularly forth as that's the waste that will be spilled into our atmosphere. I am a bit skeptical that these cubic tons of waste gases are indeed a drop in the bucket and if they aren't and this place goes to shit...will these guys actually be able to survive on Mars for an extended chain of generation after generation?

That's my only beef with sci-fi: That some see it as a clarion call to say, "Fuck off, Earth. We don't need you anymore. The magical fairy of technology will give us FTL or wormholes any day now. I saw it in a movie if you don't believe me."

Our own solar system holds only Europa as any promise as I see it. Even if we have colonies out to Neptune, what then? I'm a fan of Bruce Sterling's scifi as far as realistic aspirations go. I think IRL we should turn our technology toward sustaining our teeming population on this planet. (...and start working on that elevator)

I'm totally looking forward to the TV show, though. And for the record: Science fiction is orders of magnitude above any and all genres for me.
Nov 15, 2016 8:41 PM
AxterixIt's a drop in the bucket, and least works toward the future.

This right here is the crux. I am not qualified to determine the accuracy of either statement, though, so don't look at me. What knowledge I do have (and it ain't hard numbers) leads me to think that space exploration can wait until we've secured a workable habitat here. And we should be doing it for solid reasons, not national or academic prestige.
Nov 15, 2016 5:25 PM
I don't think that terra forming is viable in any way. We are nowhere near that and if we were it would takes thousands to tens of thousands of years to accomplish on any planet with enough gravity to hold an atmosphere. As far as living in an atmosphere other than Earth's for an extended period, there is only one result. The only variable is how long that takes. Kind of why I'm fond of the one we have.

If there turned out to be life on Europa, I seriously doubt it would be cognizant, but it would change the way we saw our own position in this reality and maybe, maaayyyybeeee make us a little more humble and realistic as a species. Now that would be worthwhile. And we won't find anything even close to as beneficial on Mars. It's seriously just a "because it's there" mentality.
Nov 15, 2016 5:18 PM
Popcorn ReviewsIs anyone else looking forward to National Geographic's upcoming TV mini-series, Mars?

I am looking forward to seeing this, but it revolves around a concept that causes me distress. I am a die hard sci-fi fan, but science fiction has a dangerous analgesic effect similar to religion IMO. It leads us into an ideology that there is actually something substantial to be gained by space travel in real life. In the back of our collective heads, there is is an escape from this planet that will be available, ...somehow, ...any day now.

Why the hell are we wasting resources going to Mars? Do we want more quartz? Do we really need a surplus of iron oxide? We pretty much know how old our solar system is and how it was formed so what do we expect to gain beside bragging rights? We are pouring giga-tons of toxic shit into our atmosphere to basically dick around so we can say we did it. Before you equate me with the ignorant bad guys from Interstellar, show me your spreadsheet regarding the odds of a wormhole being parked within reaching distance of us or any such equivalent of the necessary egress to the far reaches of our galaxy.

The only thing to be gained by space exploration is clinching the knowledge of life on Europa and for that we would need to think long: Materials research to build a space elevator and development of autonomous machinery to set up and explore in our absence on that moon. These are things that would not come to fruition for many generations, but it is the only good reason to deplete the resources and habitability of the only planet that we can survive on.
Nov 15, 2016 1:41 PM
Aeon Flux was original. There were subtle nods to the Liquid Television shorts, but they were just that. Subtle nods. Whatever you thought of it, it was it's own entity. Not some diluted clone.

AF was actually brilliant in the way that it brought the entire thing full circle and became the thing that the original shorts were born of.
Nov 13, 2016 9:08 PM
greenmanThose teasers are a bit old now and I'd assume Kudama is talking about the full trailer....

...a lot of it obviously does draw heavily on the anime but that in itself wouldn't be terrible...

Oh shit. That was the one I saw and thought I posted. That's what I get for watching it through the PS3 and then trying to find the url on the desktop.

I have a strong distaste with lifting stuff so blatantly and so directly. I mean shot for shot for shot for shot for.... I went to school for animation and animators are theeeee most plagiaristic artists that I've ever seen. Watch Batman the Animated Series for instance. You can make a drinking game out of how many scenes are lifted from Akira and GitS. To see live action film makers engaging in this is just depressing to me.

Watch this sequence from the beginning:

Opening Live Action Sequence

If I was seeing this for the first time it would knock my socks off, but it already did two decades ago. That and they mash up the Kawai scores from GitS and Innocence so fucking terribly it makes my stomach hurt.

I wasn't looking for this film to fix any life problems for me, it just kind of sucks that the guys that got the rights to this property didn't start with the story or even its philosophy, they just turned their hands cranking out some high tech xeroxes. There is zero art here. The OAVs were light years ahead of this and I wasn't even the biggest fan of those.
Nov 13, 2016 9:01 PM
I think some perspective is called for. Remember that for 40 years (!!!!) we only had four comic book movies that were not ashamed of their source material and were made with a budget of more than 5 dollars. Those were Superman and Superman II, The Rocketeer and The Crow. Forty fuckin' years! I would have pulled out a tooth to see any of the ones we are considering to be the OK to poor movies of this genre right now.

Let's not get complacently entitled to the opulence before us. I'm not going so far as saying that films like X3 or Catwoman are forgivable. Those were made by people who could give a shit about the sources and are jumping on for some free cash. Those are just little setbacks to how far we've come. But I think it's important to appreciate just how lucky we really are to have this glut of decent to great comic book movies that we do. It's a dream I had in 1983 come true. So we probably have two awesome, two pretty good and two OK X-men movies. The price we pay with the really shitty ones is pretty small. The franchise has been competently represented in part and that's still amazing to me.

Nov 13, 2016 3:09 PM
theVictorianDon't worry. It's gonna be great.

Nov 13, 2016 2:53 PM
I am not being histrionic?

Yes, you are.

Fair enough. I'm out of denial now and accept my full blown panic. I'm a canary and not ashamed to admit it.
Nov 13, 2016 2:49 PM
boozeKudama, I've been drunk for something like 4 days now, it's all a blur, but why have you cited me? ?

Sorry, booze. I didn't mean to make you a target. I mentioned you because, as I understand it, you are safely outside the borders of the U.S. Remember us.
Nov 13, 2016 2:48 PM doesn't look like anything remotely worth a shit.

Ghost in the Shell Preview 1

Cool. I don't even think these film makers have any more of a creative vision than seeing how well they can simulate, in live action, scenes from an animated film that came out 21 years ago. Half the preview is basically poorly done (what would you call these scenes?) "retreads" of scenes from the original. Seriously. They basically threw some tracing paper over the animation cels and positioned the actors accordingly in front of green screens.

The design brings NOTHING new to the table and from the bits of story that leak through, it's clear that they've disposed of the meat of the originals. What it's been replaced with looks underwhelming in the extreme. Minutiae can be explored, such as: Motoko is now the first of her kind. (???) Batou still has his biological eyes. Section 9 doesn't appear to be significant in the story, is just a preview.

Horny geeks will be putting their lubricant back in the medicine cabinet in dismay. Kusanagi is modest. That's of no concern to me at all as far as faithfulness to the spirit of the story, but it will probably be what most internet armchair film makers will be crying about.

There is no love for the material present in this at all. This reminds me of the Nikita remake, Point of No Return or Stallone's Judge Dredd. Some fuckin' idiots heard about this property and secured the rights. All they know is..."I heard there are a ton of social retards that think that this is some cool shit. Let's filter and dilute it for Billy and Betty Average and make a killing!"

Oh well. The cartoons remain exceptional and that doesn't get taken away.
Nov 13, 2016 2:38 PM
I liked that other iguana at the end. "So. How was your day?"
Nov 12, 2016 11:02 PM
Holy shit! I didn't even do the reading to see that this was the guy that did 99 Homes and through some weird coincidence I watched (re-watched 99 Homes) this weekend. This guy's up there with Jeff Nichols and Denis Villeneuve in my book.

I loved this flick, Neum. The concept of a benevolent cultural attitude surviving the bleak surroundings of one where people are abandoned was fairly unique in my movie watching experience. That guy who played William was awesome. That look on his face at the end was fucking soul crushing. What an ending! Perfect ending, up there with The Thing and The Terminator (disregarding all sequels) as best endings ever go.

Nice pick. (acknowledging understatement here)
Nov 12, 2016 10:58 PM
Watching a movie with Ben Affleck in it is like trying to drink urine for me personally. I got sick of his face on every supermarket tabloid for three years and this is on him. I believe he actively sought the celebrity thing and that, for most people, actually works. For me, unless it's a movie about Ben Affleck it won't work. I cannot believe him as any character other than himself.

This is weird to me and hard to reconcile with the fact that I keep being drawn to movies that Tom Cruise is in. Don't look at me. I don't understand the difference there either. That's just the way I react. Maybe Cruise's choice of projects is just that much better. Still doesn't make sense, though. I don't know. Probably it's just that I really like Chris McQuarrie's stuff....Oh, and Oblivion was pretty nice to look at.
Nov 12, 2016 10:43 PM