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Oldboy Bebop
Yogi BhandariThis board's dead, right? I guess now's the time to reveal the truth: master_cheif2 was my creation all along.


He voted for "NOT KENPORULE" in some dumb popularity contest BS thread back in like 2004 because I (think I'm remembering this right) "liked to insult me personaly and not respond to the message of my posts."
Basically it became some weird forum meme that's since been lost in time. I don't remember why he hated me but in his defense I am definitely a total fucking asshole.
Jun 22, 2016 11:42 PM
And I'm apparently still a mod. Just checkin' in guys, you're doing a great job. ::fresh::
Mar 9, 2016 1:35 PM
Alan Wake's American Nightmare was kind of a disappointment for me. It's interesting as a side story cheesy B-movie kinda thing, but it doesn't really fit well with the first game (which was more like a really GOOD B-movie). 

Also instead of really terrible mo-cap cutscenes, you get really terrible live action FMV. It is a lot of fun though, I'll give it that. It refined most of the issues with the combat in the first game. Problem is, it's almost nothing but combat. What made the original great were the slow moments that built up the atmosphere and made the world seem alive, and there's not really any of that here.
Sep 23, 2014 12:01 PM
The Facebook group is really active and currently has over 30 members from GVGD. Can't believe there's so many "ew facebook" grandmas in here. You could always make a fake account if it scares you. 

SolidChamp did send me fucking hilarious essay message on PSN recently (years after I banned him) about how great NeoGAF is though, as if it has anything to do with GVGD at all. 
Sep 8, 2014 10:55 AM
BronsonI'm absolutely all for these GamePro-style review scores.

I'll never forget those dorky faces. The crazier your hair gets, the more awesome it is!
Aug 19, 2014 7:07 AM
uttiI'm very much looking forward to it, although all the trailers don't seem to do it justice. I went to the Bioware Base at PAX East and hearing all the developers and writers talking about it, I think they really paid attention to fan feedback (both DA2 and ME3). One of the rare games I plan to pick up day one this year.

Bioware and Bungie have been the only day one purchases for me for years...and I think I"ll keep that up this year. I never bought DA2 at all, just heard too much  bad, but I'm a huge fan of DA1, I remember drooling when I heard them call it a BG3 in spirit.
What I've seen of 3 makes me very confident that we will have at least some of the bioware of old, even though we will never have it quite like it used to be.

You might be pleasantly surprised if you walk into DA2 with low expectations. Just, before you play, go in the menu and turn on all the status notifications and turn autoattack on (and play on hard, because normal can be beat without ever changing your character, and nightmare is too hard for a first play). Magically the combat turns into a super refined and improved version of DAO! Can't say the same about everything else, but that's generally still good enough to make it worth playing.
Aug 19, 2014 7:05 AM
killthemallHannibal is the best show on television. 

I've been watching this and I thought it was generally great (with a few reservations), but holy shit does it go completely stupid for a couple episodes in the second season. I've just watched the worst episodes in the series so far - like every character just turns into a completely moron for two episodes. It gets better from there, but I hate when major plot points happen simply because a character decides to be stupid for no reason. 
Other than that, my only real complaints with the show were the obvious network TV-ization of it. It's impressive how gory it is, but we don't need some pointless out of place dorks there for comic relief all the time. 
The acting is great though (other than said pointless dorks in forensics) and I'm definitely hooked on it, but season 2 definitely feels a little sloppy in the middle.
Aug 19, 2014 6:59 AM
Mostly, I think it's because I've always experienced distaste over how some people want to force their own style of grieving onto others. This isn't exactly like that, but there's something about expecting another entity, even just a video game company, to appease a whim like this that feels very selfish.

I was wondering about why exactly this bugged me so much myself, and I think you've nailed it here.
Aug 18, 2014 8:51 AM
I loved the original (replaying it right now actually - it's brutally hard on Nightmare though, I have to say). I enjoyed the second, more as a piece of expanded DLC with elements of an unfinished sequel than a fully fledged product - it's still a well written, pretty good game if you strip away all the horribly rushed stuff.

The third is looking pretty great overall (although Bioware's marketing is as terrible as ever - I really should unsubscribe from their facebook because it's just embarassing) but I'll believe it when I see it. I enjoyed the second game, but considering it was a major step down from the first in terms of scope and polish, I'll be pretty disappointed if the third game doesn't at least approach the heights of the first.
Aug 18, 2014 8:44 AM
Hey, in case it suddenly goes down while I'm playing games and we don't get to post for a while:

You are all cunts.
Jul 15, 2014 4:45 PM
I hope we come back soon. I need to know how many ****ty transformers Randy can come up with before he has to switch to gobots.
Jul 15, 2014 4:34 PM
Guys, we're threatening the stability of the entire site! We're like a radioactive waste that's been hidden in the basement and is now causing things to mutate and grow out of control.
Jul 15, 2014 4:25 PM
Everyone has gotten away with too much **** for too long. The ban hammer of justice must be brought down upon all of us swiftly before it is too late!
Jul 15, 2014 3:25 PM

[Spoiler]Don't do an image search. The website this is from is gross.[/Spoiler]
Jul 15, 2014 2:54 PM
Kenpo is mean and women find him unattractive.
Jul 15, 2014 2:50 PM
Haha, I was texting Kenpo my plans to post porn. Didn't know Default beat me to the punch.

Glad he's gone. He got away with too much **** for too long.
Jul 15, 2014 2:48 PM

Finally geez
Jul 15, 2014 2:41 PM
Default;20920710So like, I went looking for some, and it's not worth the pain. I give up. I'll just type a string of curse words.

Dick shit piss face monkey fucker.

Jul 15, 2014 1:32 PM