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2020 Kong will of course be a bit older than his 1970's KSI.

Probably my #1 wish right now is at least one scene of both Godzilla & Kong having some character 1-1 with one another, in between or following battle or whenever.
They've done a good job building them up as more than mere monsters, let's see them interact.
Mar 23, 2017 10:04 PM

Good solid Jurassic Park III style fun...

- Dumber & yet more fun than Godzilla. I was half expecting Reilly's son to be Cranston during the credits sequence - unless of course he was supposed to be?
- Reilly steals the show & that's fine, he was great entertainment.
- I'm still team Godzilla, though Kong was redeemed from his intro as an asshole, later just a punk, finally finishing as some anti hero.
- Nice Sam Jackson-Kong stare downs lols.

- The pantload who waddled into the theatre 20mins in only to sit down & start using his smartphone as a lamp to read some papers. Are you fcuking kidding me. Not sure what his deal, he left midway for a good 25mins. Maybe he's a special needs who gets free passes to $13 showings, otherwise he's a waste of money & air.
- I have a feeling we're headed for a draw between Godzilla & Kong, likely them both dying as martyrs for the Earth & the circle of life stuff. Godzilla will surely overpower Kong, alas she's (I think of this Godzilla as female for some reason) too old to endure a natural victory.

B+ both, I prefer Godzilla.
Mar 22, 2017 10:44 PM
Mar 22, 2017 10:34 PM
Love how Trumpworld is claiming without facts being acknowledged (yet), Russiagate isn't a thing.
Meanwhile they're tripling down on POTUS Obama surveilling Trump Tower based nearly entirely on FOX News & nothing on actual investigated fact.

The very same days, same week, same discussions, & same people talking.
Mar 22, 2017 4:28 PM
Sadly, I'll probably need until next year or '19 to name 30 credible ones I've liked.
Mar 22, 2017 4:26 PM
Playing 8 bit NES games via Classic a few months now has me realized it's a post-nostalgia trip. NES games now feel just like games, like chess or scrabble. 16 bit graphics improvements were fine for the time (& my ageing) yet going back to the Mega Man 2's & Baseball Stars of yore doesn't seem like a reach for childhood, it just feels like enjoying solid gaming.
Besides, 16-bit era ushered in prettier & easier gaming. That's not entirely fantastic.
Mar 22, 2017 4:23 PM
If Chuck Norris dies next week, the universe wins.
Mar 22, 2017 4:21 PM
The Insider A+ #16 all time.

Flawless for me.
Mar 22, 2017 3:08 PM
Mar 21, 2017 1:40 AM
Alternate posters are kewl...
Mar 21, 2017 1:39 AM
The Terminator? T2?

SkyNet going online or something something.
Mar 15, 2017 5:22 PM
Mar 15, 2017 5:20 PM
Mar 15, 2017 5:19 PM

Not sure how the costs on these don't keep soaring over time. I could see us getting parts 2 & 3 around 2020, yet I'll not hold my breath for 4 & 5.
Guy keeps saying how hard he's working on them, I don't feel it.

B+ for the first one, though it feels like 2 giant endings. When Home Tree goes down, that takes a hurricane out of its sails for me.
3D was masterful the first time; home 2D blu viewings not as much.
Mar 11, 2017 5:00 PM

That exceptional father on the left (Republican congressman Roger Marshall) just said earlier that 'poor people just don't want health care and aren't going to take care of themselves.'
'Just like Jesus said, 'The poor will always be with us.'

Sexy times everyone. Sexy. Times.
Mar 10, 2017 4:28 AM

[font=Arial, sans-serif]?[ltr]@Acosta[/ltr]??2h2 hours ago
[font=Arial, sans-serif]More[/font]

[font=Arial, sans-serif]Trump told Tea Party groups at WH if GOP health care plan dies, he will let Obamacare fail and let Dems take the blame, I'm told.[/font]
Mar 9, 2017 4:11 AM
...uhh... well, I'm not up on my Hitler docs if I've ever seen a single one...

The Longest Day opens up with an airplane over a French cyclist if memory serves, b&w...
Mar 8, 2017 5:35 PM
Rob Ford'ish movie trailer
Mar 8, 2017 12:23 PM
Mar 8, 2017 7:46 AM
TeamCanadaIf an airplane destined for Canada from one of the Trump's 7 Deadly Fairylands had to emergency land in the US, would any/all Muslims aboard be quarantined for hours while the rest of us non believers with valid passports received quick room & board options?

Asking for a friend.

Asking for a colleague actually. She's Iranian, flew back 'home' to Tehran last week for a 3 week visit.
She's also Christian, married, & says hell to the no about having children.
So yeah... if I heard she was interned because of some notes on a paper, I'd be pretty f'n pissed.
Mar 8, 2017 5:49 AM