I'm looking for old white and black movie

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I will write what I remember. A couple riding car, some villain shoot the tire. Not knowing, they stop at his house. In the middle it is full of hiding places and traps. There is a secret passage from library to the garage. In garage there is a car in style from the '30. Besides of that, unusual trap in the armchair, you sit down and it?s flip back and you land in dungeon with water somewhere at the bottom. Who knows this movie, what is the title ??
Mar 20, 2017 2:35 PM
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White and black, huh? Typical.

This sounds suspiciously like the Lon Chaney film The Monster from 1925. There are a couple of crucial differences in details. There are two car accidents, one of which does indeed involve a couple, but instead of gunfire, the crash is caused by a rigged mirror, causing the cars to veer off the road thinking they are headed for a head-on collision. Then they are apprehended. But the house of the villain is also full of traps and secret passages, including a rigged chair much as you describe, flipping back and sending the sitter into a dungeon.

It may not be the same film, a lot of these early horror films recycled much from each other, but that's the closest I can make it. You can watch a pretty piss-poor copy at Internet Archive and see what you think.
Mar 20, 2017 6:59 PM
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