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I think I'm interested. I'd been waiting for Nintendo to finally deliver a worthy console for the market; Wii was more fun fad imo which I did not buy.
One interesting tidbit that Time magazine's piece pointed out - there's no children in the trailer. That's interesting because Nintendo has cornered its entire foundation on youth gaming - which made the writer wonder if new DS/DX are on the way soon enough for younger gamers. I thought about that because when you look at the Switch unit, it doesn't really scream safe in the hands of a 7yr old. Personally, I'm all in with that. I don't just want some console as toy, I want a refined console to last years, including its portable screen (I think screen is the new tablet, as everything we're using is basically a screen).

Not sure why Skyrim, I enjoyed a very solid 7-8mos playing it on PC, not sure I need to revisit. Yet that does make me comfortable thinking about the series' next chapter being available on the Switch. My PC is years behind for current next gen, & if I can play Elder Scrolls, open world Zelda, & hopefully new F-Zero, Metroid, etc on one console, than I think I'm in.
Oct 21, 2016 4:31 AM
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