Movies we all enjoy

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David Tanny
ChillinDylan Godsend
David Tanny
ChillinDylan Godsend
David TannyGone Girl
Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
Star Wars
Empire Strikes Back
Pulp Fiction
Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Big Lebowski
Fight Club
Die Hard
The Thing(1982)

Any others you guys can think of? This list is subject to change. If you dislike any of these, let us know, and we'll alter the list.

Godfather II
The Usual Suspects

I don't think Tut really likes the first Godfather...

really?  that's kind of surprising...

I'm not sure that he DISLIKES it, but he's mentioned he doesn't think it's all that great.

Nov 8, 2014 9:23 AM
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Fuck you, Hazel.
May 26, 2016 10:36 PM
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