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There is a blue box in behind the hand of Diane when she takes the handgun. We can see itprecisely with a zoom on the DVD.
I think that it is only a detail: maybe Diane owns such a blue box for her jewelry. She puts her precious thing inside and in the dream there is the thing which is the most horrible for her: the truth.

Maybe it is not a detail. I d like to hear about your comments

Dan the vermin
Oct 8, 2002 10:49 AM
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by la vermine
There is a blue box in behind the hand of Diane when she takes the handgun. We can see itprecisely with a zoom on the DVD.
I think that it is only a detail: maybe Diane owns such a blue box for her jewelry. She puts her precious thing inside and in the dream there is the thing which is the most horrible for her: the truth.

Maybe it is not a detail. I d like to hear about your comments

Dan the vermin

I've heard two explanations for the blue box, and they both seem plausible.


A.)she actually owns a blue box for jewelry or whatever


B.)as with the smoke that appears when she kills herself, and the blue-haired woman at the end of the movie, it's a sort of mixing of the dream fantasy and reality.

I like A more, but it has its problems. For example, it seems more likely that the blue box would be a totally metaphoric construction that arises from Dianne wondering what the real blue key "opens". For there to actually be a blue box seems a little much, but I also don't like the "mixture" theory where fantasy/reality meet. But then again, if I don't like that, then how do I explain the smoke that appears after the suicide.

See how you can round and round?
Oct 8, 2002 11:28 AM
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We know that it can?t be all reality because the actors play more then one person in the film . The characters play different people in and yet there still the same, but as someone else that we have been already introduced to by another actor. So there must be a fantasy thing about it.
Oct 11, 2002 8:18 PM
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...someone posted a picture from the poolparty describing the painting at Adam's abode. Am I seeing a blue box on the table?
Oct 30, 2002 9:19 AM
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here is the picture...
(How do I get this to show up in the test? Forgive my ignorance...)
Oct 30, 2002 9:30 AM
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Looks more like a blue vase. As you can see there are chairs between the object and us so it would have to be sitting on a coffee table or floor. Since that puts it higher than the chair it sure wouldn't be boxed shaped. It looks roundish on the DVD but it is pretty far away so we don't get a great look.

Keep looking, you'll find stuff.
Oct 30, 2002 12:00 PM
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This has been discussed numerous times and maybe you finally figured the whole movie out, not just the blue box.
So, this is to whome who wants to read.

Okay, someone said the blue box represents the club Silencio, and showed the simmilarity of the vertical curtain like lines/stripes "macro cosmos"

into the gateway and the lines/layers under the lid of the box.

I had been thinking almost the same, yet a BIT different.
I also thought the blue box is a representation of Silencio, but here is how I see it. Let me know what you think. (Maybe you already thought and discussed it, I dont know, but anyway...)

Before I go on with the blue box and Silencio, here is another blue box I saw on a site, just looking up.
It kind of links to the box/theatre thing, in a funny, but serious way.

Found that on
The description says:
"On the court in front of the theater there?s a big blue container called the ?Blue Box?. It?s a very small experimental theater with an even smaller stage inside it.
I definitely want to see a play in that box some time in the next months."

Interesting, eh?
Now, the book mentioned on this site:
'"1001 Dreams An Illustrated Guide'

The same book that has the thing about showing TEETH, that someone linked to the smiling old folks in the car.
The book is about dreams, it has a cresent and the blue color
I thought it was pretty cool

Anyway, back to the film...
I wrote a lot of crap (that got deleted by some error), to explain the simmilarity of the Silencio and the box, explaining that Silencio is the theatre with curtains, and as lynch says, curtains, (as he saw/felt once in a theatre) grow a sense of mystery, of what lies beyond. But he also says, once we find out the answers, the mystery goes away, which is why, of course he wants US to uncover things ourselves, like Rita did by opening the box herself, and not going to the stage and going behind the curtains. And once she did, the mystery was over, and out came the reality.
I think this is why he created the whole scene of the curtains.

But anyway...
Here see the simillarities I found (sorry if you found it years ago, but since I didnt see it on this thread, so I will go on with it)
The Silencio entrance/gate with triangle logo on top:

Now the box lid/gate with the triangle keyhole on TOP:
(top according to the camera positioning)

The gates of Silencio have a lot of boxes too, and both gates together form a box as a whole.

These both were the gates, the way to enter inside, and the triangle was the symbol, as curtains tied at the bottom, also kinda saying, its open, and open means an opening = a hole, thus the triangular keyhole. That is what I think the Silencio logo says.

Now, when you enter the Silencio and the Box...
The stage (with curtains):

The pic isnt that clear about the whole stage, but we all know that a stage is almost always lifted up, not necessarily higher than the audience, but higher than the actual floor. And there are steps, so people, (usually audience or guests) can use them to climb up.

Now the box as we enter it:

See the steps to the stage?

The only difference is, the box inside is black, because there are no curtains to hide the blackness in the backstage or beyond the curtains.
We have found the mystery, and we shall see it by being sucked into it.

The stage has curtains, to show us that there is something behind, and the box shows us that it has blackness, nothing ness, silence(cio).
The end of a fantasy, end of illusions, end of the dream.
So, we escape through the black portal, into the reality.
I also thought the the blackness, the mystery, the reality is death, since its silent and black and alone, like Diane and her fate (also Camilla, who is alone eventually and dead in real life).

Now the stage mic. When Diane dies, the raised leg of the bed is almost in the middle, just where mic is, so its just a connection of images,

where is the mic in the BOX?

Notice the keyhole in the inside of the lid, which is now seen raised and in the middle of the "stairs".

When the key enters, it kinda becomes the MIC for the stage inside the box.

See how the whole box links to the Silencio?
Someone talked about Devil's Advocate and Silencio simillarities.
I think that is an AWESOME job.
Silencio could be hell, since when Diance kills herself,
she enters Silencio again, a HELL!
Where she saw it previously, and saw the devil.
Silencio's first visit and the box would be a prophecy

About Betty disappeaing, before Rita gets sucked into the box.
Just like dreams are, havent you seen dreams when people and things start to disappear, and in the end, youre alone.
I've dreamt of driving a truck, that turned into a car, and then all the parts disappeared and I was on this slab with wheels only, and then nothing, I was walking.

Now, notice that diane's actual apartment has blue walls, and she has a LOT of boxes inside

(as well as the blue box in the drawer that people have poinbted out).

Maybe thats how in her dreams/fantasy the blue box theory builds up, since her world is blue walls, and boxes all around, square/cubical boxes.
Her fantasy house Heavenhurts has walls of other colors and the hat box is also NOT cubical.

Now, you probably already knew the key thing.

Blue key with a moon (night/dream) and the triangular keyhole, kinda like telling us what it leads to. Our good ol Silencio.
A moon = night time (2:00am, so its not a full moon?)
and the triangle = silencio logo and the keyhole)
That makes the key scary to look at, if it fortells silencio in yourlife.
I know I would be afraid. : P

Now, you probably noticed that when she shoots herself, the smoke starts to appear, and we get back to silencio with the bluehead lady saying the word. She is probably now forever into her dream world, because she is dead now.
And maybe her new dream begins, where she is united with Rita/Camilla.

I also thought Diane is so into her problems, prostitution, bills and stuff, that she makes up everything. Camila could JUST be a fantasy, not a real person. I also say that because the flashbacks of her in the couch with her, when she is back with the coffee mug, transforms to ONE glass/mug of alcohol, not TWO. Coffee cup is ONE. There is NO Camilla, only her imagination.
Where you see her near the sink, and she sees/remembers Camilla, you see diane back alone, but where, in right where she saw Camilla standing.
You could say a flashback, but I think its Diane in both places, proving, atleast in this room, its just her, thinking of Camilla, who doesnt exist, atleast not here. So, its her own self. A person reated to fulfil fantasies she cant in real life.

If you remember films like A Beautiful Mind, Identity and all about split or multiple personality, that's where I am getting at. You are so into something, that the people you create almost seem real.

I also noticed that when Diane masturbates, you see the ceiling with pebbles? and greenish blue fan that appears for a sec. That fan is in the bottom left corner of the screen. When you look at the Winkie's wall, it has the same kind of pebble-diagram. Like a bee-hive thing. And where you saw the FAN, you can see a simmilar colored stone. Right there.

Isnt that where the fan appears and disappears?
It resembles her roof. Almost the same color scheme.

Well, on my cd, the fan appeared a bit bright and more of greenish blue like that one under Winkies logo.
Maybe she is just a waitress, who saw her own work place in her dream.
Maybe not, since the fan thing is explained here:
But the stones DO remind us of Winkies

Now you may say, whats the deal with all the characters.
Well they may just be what Lynch is trying to tell us, the people who live in Hollywood, their own lives, they might also be spirits, especially who are in this dream/afterlife world. Which also explains the 50's thing. They must be dead in the 50's. Living in this world. If its a dream, you can see them. If its a reality, you can feel their presence in the studios, or you can say Lynch can feel them, remember them, so he just put them there.
I think a lot of stuff is related to him in some way.
He sees pics of actresses, and in the film, they show pics of actresses to be aproved. A lot of what Lynch says about himself, auditions and stuff, is incorporated in the movie, thus, maybe just his way of seeing his own life in a movie, like a mirror. Or to see it from another point of view.

In one scene Coco explains Betty about pepole living here in Heavenhurts (a heaven? heaven hurts? lol kidding), she says something like, 'all the great actors came here and left" and the screenplay said, haunting music plays, untill she sees god poo.
Lynch wrote about the detectives who have to act all silent for a while, and talk and look at things as if they were like spirits.

Maybe they ARE spirits, or angels, looking for the someone who died and escaped as a spirit, or escaped death and is supposed to die.
Maybe, Diance called Camilla to herself, and she is supposed to be with the people who are loking for her, that also explains Camilla's fear.

There is a scene where Betty is in the courtyard, sipping her coffe, and as she sips, the music from the rooms rises, but you dont see the musicians, you just hear the music coming from there.
A lot of times there have been stories about ghosts/spirits playing piano and stuff. I thought of all that for this place. Heavenhurst. And, I linked the people in black suits and black limos, (especially the detectives), who were told (in the script) to act as if they were spirits or something, with pauses.
I thought of the movie Hearts In Atlantis.
People in black suits in black cars, putting posters on the POLES (like you see HELL written on the pole before Silencio). They might be looking for Camilla? Diane?
Who is supposed to be or is dead, but escaped? Called by Diance? Hiding? She sure is scared.
If diance and camilla are one person, then they both are being looked for.
Also the corpse has long hair like Camilla, but blonde like Betty's. Camilla's dress, but Diane's appartment.
It could just be one person.
But you say, what about the party, betrayal.
That un-links all these ONE person theories.
The movie is truely "a MIND****" as my friend Amber said.
I also thought that when camilla comes down the hill after her accident, and fell asleep, it could also be HER dream.
Someone did say it was hers. And she probably escaped the accident, or she was dead, but came crawling here, maybe angels are looking for her, but Diane called her, to be with her, and she is always afraid. Maybe she is afraid of the people looking for her, to take her to hell?
I dont know, this is all weird, just random interpretations.
Jul 14, 2006 1:55 AM
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Very nice Dethroner! I particularly like your observations about the blue box.

Comparing the open box to the club Silencio stage and the key to the mic stand is brilliant. :up: Thanks.
Jul 15, 2006 7:25 AM
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I noticed this when I first saw the film but I never brought it up. And I just searched for Frank Lloyd Wright on the forum and found no matches, so I'll assume nobody else has either. Those concrete blocks that framw the doorway of Silencio are Frank Lloyd Wright "textile blocks" (Wright's term), which were an engineering innovation that Wright tinkered with (and ultimately abandoned) in the construction of several houses Wright designed and built for several California residents in the 1920's. It was a flawed system he was never able to perfect, though the resulting houses were gorgeous.
One of the blocks:

The Ennis House, constructed with the blocks:

I also remember reading a news article about the sale of one of Wright's "textile block" houses that identified David Lynch as one of the bidders. I don't remember if this was before or after the production of that scene in 'Mulholland Dr.', but clearly odds are that Lynch sought out Wright's "textile blocks" for inclusion in this scene's set design. This is a sturdier peg (a clear intentional inclusion of detail by Lynch) than many flights of fancy that have flown to rare heights on on this board have beeen hung upon. I'd appreciate it if others will run with it. I'd love to read what your thoughts and/or research reveal. I'm too lazy to participate.

Jul 15, 2006 7:54 AM
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Dethroner - great 1st post. Welcome and please stay a while!

Gus - thanks for that connection. Definitely needs some further research.

Had a quick look around and it seems that The Ennis House has been used in quite a few other films too:

Predator 2 (1990)
The Replacement Killers (1998)
Female, aka The Violent Years (1956)
House on Haunted Hill (1958)
Terminal Man (1974)
Blade Runner (1982)
The Howling II . . . Your Sister is a Werewolf (1984)
Karate Kid III (1989)
Grand Canyon (1991)
An Inconvenient Woman (2 part TVM 1991)
The Rocketeer (1991)
The Glimmer Man (1996)
The Thirteenth Floor (1999)
Day of the Locust (1974)
The Annihilator (1986)
TimeStalker (1987)
Remo Williams (1987)
Twin Peaks (1989)
Calvin Klein's Obsession (Commercial) by david Lynch (1990)
Fallen Angels (1993)
House of Frankenstein (1997)
Rush Hour (1998)

DL used it for a commercial?


And he used it a location in Twin Peaks ... I'll have to try to find it on the DVD.

I'm inclined to believe that it's probably a design thing for Dave. Not sure whether it's anything deeper.

Here's something else:

From:[quote]And, as far as I know, your house was designed by Lloyd Wright, son of Frank Lloyd Wright.

DL: Correct. Llyod Wright designed the house that I live in, the Beverly Johnson House, in the Sixties. Llyod Wright`s son, Eric Wright, supervised the building work for his father: 25 years later, Eric designed a pool and a poolhouse on the property in the spirit of his father`s work.

And you believe that your house has an influence on your work?

DL: Wright is a great architect. the house has quite a feel of pure Japanese archtitecture, but also of American modernity, abit of both. Th whole space is just pleasing, gives me a good feeling. So it efects my whole life to live inside of it. And then, sometimes Is see things, shapes or something that would go inside of it and that leads to furniture or film.[/quote]
Wanna see his house?

Your wish is my command ...

Looks like the Wright family's work may have been the inspiration for quite a bit of Lynch's set design and choice of locations. Lost Highway anyone?

Also found this great thread on another forum whilst browsing. Some really interesting stuff and some terrific examples of architecture in films. Happy reading.
Jul 15, 2006 12:59 PM
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Thanks, fornus gus, blu. : )
I'd been reading the forum for a while, and then I really wanted to sign up and join, so I did.

Damn, that chick is HOT. I have a thing for long blonde hair, and especially if its played around in cool ways.

That house looks creepy near the stairs area, in the darkness.
I do NOT want to go there and climb them. : P

Hey, are you talking about that Doc. (Emmit) Brown guy?
What a great actor! He is good at expressions. Always makes me laugh.

I still cant find other Lynch films here (in Pakistan)
I don't know HOW I got Eraserhead, MD and Fire Walk With Me, but am I glad.
Also on your list. Blade Runner, what a movie!
I liked that 'homeless' blonde girl, the house Ford goes in, to kill her, where she is hiding like a doll in thing, was really cool.
I loved the scene, how she sat like a doll, and she was one too.
Nice eye makeup. The other white haired actor (also in Blind Fury?) is cool too. My brother is a huge fan of his.

And, I've been searching for over a DECADE for Annihilator, I can't find that movie. Well, there was Annihilators also, but I want the one with those robot-people in the house.

hahah that corny phrase cracked me up: "Wright's 'textile block' "
Actually I forgot what writer's block means.

I had 4th or 5th part of 'the Howling'. It was a cool movie.
I remember taking some scenes from it and piling them together and then
adding a Cannibal Corpse song over it - "She was asking for it" from The Bleeding album.
It looked cool when he sings, "wrapped my arms around her neck, squeezing out her breath.." It went well with the scene where the werewolf guy is strangling the blonde girl in the room.

I can't wait for Inland Empire. When is it coming out?

Oh, one request, to anyone who has time to work on photoshop.
It's about the box=theatre thing. I wanted to do it, but I dont have photoshop installed.
If anyone can, I would like to see the open box pic mixed with the stage one
with either Rebecca Del Rio or the magician standing on the stage, making them stand inside the box.
I think it would be cool to look at, don't you think?

This also reminds me of that black box that we see in a lot of movies, which opens up and we see two angel kinda people, white, dancing on the mirror, and a haunting high pitched piano music playing. That was more of figure skate dancing, but, that box also freaks me out.
Jul 15, 2006 4:03 PM
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Ack, I didnt know the split personality thing had been discussed earlier, so I made my post stretchy. Sorry about that.
And, I got mixed up for Christopher Loyd, I was thinking about the guy in Back To The Future and Angels In The Outfield.
Jul 16, 2006 7:26 AM
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I recently watched a movie--in Japanese, I think--which featured an ancient oriental tradition for dealing with secrets that must never be divulged. You walk to a mountain top, find a big tree, carve a hole in it's trunk, whisper your secrets into the hole, plug the hole with mud and walk away.

I'm disappointed that my own theory about the blue box didn't turn up in any of your searches. (Look in Dianne was sexually abused-the missing link, posts 196 & 202.) In a nutshell: The blue box was a gift to Dianne from "Aunt" Ruth, who was actually Dianne's sister/mother. Ruth told Dianne to whisper her secrets (about being molested by her father/grandfather) into the box and lock them up for ever. Much later, Dianne confided the secrets to Camilla; this symbolically gave Camilla the key to blue box. When Camilla dumped her, Dianne was desperate to get the symbolic key back so her secrets would again be safe. This was accomplished by having Camilla killed; the bullet in Dianne's own head made sure that she could never again spill the beans; the secrets were permanently locked up in silencio.

Of course, all your other theories are valid, too. There are no definitive solutions to this movie.
dethroner...I didn't know the split personality thing had been discussed earlier,...

Just about everything has been discussed earlier; but don't let that deter you from saying it again. Now and then a newbie surprises us with something totally new. In fact, your own posts, above, cover some material that is new to me. That's the sort of fresh madness that keeps this asylum from going sane; what a pity that would be! I consider myself an alumnus; just though I'd drop by my alma mater to see if the padding on the cell walls needs any patching up.
Jul 20, 2006 3:27 PM
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mdholicI recently watched a movie--in Japanese, I think--which featured an ancient oriental tradition for dealing with secrets that must never be divulged. You walk to a mountain top, find a big tree, carve a hole in it's trunk, whisper your secrets into the hole, plug the hole with mud and walk away.
this would be "In the mood for love" right?
Jul 20, 2006 7:37 PM
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Bob Brookerthis would be "In the mood for love" right?

ITMFL, it is chinese movie (HK).....the scene is at the end of the movie, filmed at Angor Watt, Cambodia.

whether some other japanese film also happens to use that story is something i do not know.
Jul 20, 2006 11:01 PM
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BobBrooker this would be "In the mood for love" right?
Thanx, Bob. The title got misfiled in my brain.

In the Mood for Love
pegasus82 ITMFL, it is chinese movie (HK).....
Actually, it's in Cantonese, French, Mandarin and Spanish with optional English subtitles.
Jul 22, 2006 12:25 PM
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I'll just post a little at first as I'm new here.... Kubrick movies are my main area, but since viewing this movie I have become intrigued...personally I think this film is a stroke of genius. D Lynch uses devices and symbolism in his movies very similar to is the way that it is sewn together that leaves me astounded.

If you have not seen Kubrick's final film 'Eyes Wide Shut' then I suggest you do as that centres mainly around sexual abuse on varying levels...the 2 compliment each other, both are very ambivalent....EWS being loosely based on 'Traumnovelle'...meaning Dreamstory...which directly relates to MD.

BTW this is my first post Re MD.

Which i think is mainly about a women who was abused as a child and the trauma affected her adult life and relationships...classically abused children commonly end up in abusive relationships when they are adults...particularly if the issue is never addressed...severe trauma can lead to DID.(aka MPD)

A couple of things I've yet to see in detail...maybe I haven't looked hard enough though?

1) Hollywood/Helle-wood (gaulic, meaning light?the wood itself is very white) is the wood that is used to make a typical druid magicians wand (I?m aware that other types of wood are used also)... the 'magician' @ Silencio (echoes silence regarding child abuse) holds a version of it then throws it to the side. A magicians wand is actually in truth, an extension of the users male regenerative organ (aka penis) as the penis is used like a wand this way in classical ceremonial magick and sex magick (this involves masturbation...I know it sounds crazy...but my extensive occult studies have led me to believe this). The holly tree itself has allusions to the sex organs of both male/female... the leaves covered in points/pricks and the red-berries representing the female?it is the tree of re-birth. So the word 'Hollywood' has always had magical/phallic connotations....also notice the shape of a magician?s wand in this respect from a Freudian point of view. We see a strange moment when the magician seems to have some sort of power over Betty/Diane as she shakes violently and he seems to then display relief after a deal of tension (sexual abuse imagery imo maybe the magician is symbolic abuser)....he then vanishes and after the mimed song (it is her tapping on the mike before she sings that is the hook that really fools here) Betty finds the box in her bag....that soon brings the dream sequence to an end.

The place 'Hollywood' also, as you are aware, is regularly referred to as a 'magical' place....Disney is a good example of this kind of makers are literally celluloid magicians.

Associated with the Holly King who defeats the Oak King at Midsummer each year and reigns until the Winter Solstice, Holly is one of the most fiery of woods and second only to Oak for its sacred regard by the Druids. The Gaelic "tinne" is thought to mean "fire." It's rune in the Alferic Ogham is the same as the Futhark rune Tyr, and like that rune is associated with the Spear, one of the magical weapons of the Tuatha de Danaan, and also of Odin. The spear is one of the prototypes of the magical wand, a phallic , yang instrument for projecting will and inseminating matter with life and creative seed-forces. Mars, or in Elvish the god Ambash, rules Holly. Ambash is also associated with the Wildman of the Forest, the untamable power of the forest depths and its procreative essence. It is associated with Midwinter, but actually reigns over the "dark half" of the year when the solar tide is waning, from Midsummer to Midwinter. Oak rules the waxing tide of the sun. It is calendrically associated with Capricorn as the Constellation presiding at the Winter Solstice; however, the Alferic tradition also associates it with Aries, a constellation ruled traditionally by Mars. Holly has been regarded as a powerful protective wood, good against evil spirits, poisons, angry elementals, and lightning. It is also associated with dream magick and fertility, and is well-suited for any magick dealing with the overthrow of old authorities, success in business or endeavor, or spells seeking progress to a new stage of development. Holly wood is very fine-grained, hard, and smooth, and almost ivory in color if it is not stained. It is a truly exquisite wood for wands. Once you have your wand, you should charge it yourself by performing a dedication ritual. This dedication may take any form, but here are some suggestions.

On a night during an auspicious waxing moon, place your wand on an altar and cast a magical circle around your working area. Light candles, incense, and prepare a small container of anointing fluid. This fluid may be oil, water, wine, and may contain some of your own bodily fluids. In some traditions blood is used, in other sexual fluids, but it might simply be some consecrated water mixed with a little of your saliva. The point is to create a dramatic physical and astral connection between you and the wand.

2) Blue Box - Lock and Key (obviously i am only commenting on the sexual aspect of the box...there are many other symbolic interpretations deliberately built in...Pandora's box, puzzle box, mini club Silencio a great call btw etc)...again here we find obvious sexual imagery... the Lock being the female sex organs and the Key being the male sex organs...and we all know that keys go into locks....a blatant sexual allusion. Remember it is Betty/Diane who finds the box in her bag...and the key is connected to Rita/Camilla the dream.(maybe this represents how knowing the real Camilla has led her to re-live the abuse she received as a child again...thru movie prostitution with elders like Castigliane sp?). Geoffrey Beaumont (blue velvet) had a key to get into Dorothy Valens apartment where a sexual act also occurs. Did anyone notice that Lynch has the 'hag woman' put the box in a brown paper bag (it's in the bag/cat is out of the bag... switching), just as when Geoffrey Beaumont (blue velvet) found a cut off ear and put it in a brown paper bag.

"A man," Jung says, "may dream of inserting a key in a lock, of wielding a heavy stick, or of breaking down a door with a battering ram." Freud would reduce these different images to a sexual common denominator. They would all be euphemisms for the penis. "All elongated objects, such as sticks," Freud says, "may stand for the male organ." He also says: "There is no need to name explicitly the key that unlocks the room." (It evidently goes without saying that keys, too, may stand for the male organ.) When Freud sexualizes images, he employs what Alfred Adler calls "organ jargon."

For Freud, a lock (or the keyhole in a lock) is a vagina, and a key is a penis. On this analogy, the insertion of a key in a lock is an allusion to sexual intercourse. In contrast, for Jung, a lock is essentially a device to prevent entrance, and a key is essentially a device to gain entrance. (In addition, a "key" is, metaphorically, the solution to a problem ? for example, a riddle.) In analytic terms, "locked" essentially implies that some content (which might or might not be a sexual content) has been "repressed" or "dissociated" in the unconscious.

I notice that in the scene with Diane being chase by the elderly couple near the climax...this is virtually identically shot the same way in FWWM....with Leland chasing Laura and Teresa...the device used is the same...which I think is very revealing...the chasers being the abusers. (Kubrick too uses this repeating method throughout his work, he also uses mirrors extensively, which feature heavily in MD and also 'doppelgangers' another device adopted by Lynch particularly in his MD).

That's all for now.

Kubrick=Monolith=Cubed Brick=Blue Cube. lol

(in fact some have even compared the shot of Rita/Camilla looking into and descending into the blackness of the box to bowman(2001) going through the blackness of the monolith at the end of the movie into rebirth.)
Aug 5, 2006 5:41 AM
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Seeing people more wound up with the meanings in Mulholland Dr. is somehow cathartic to me. Thanks! This film gets in your head doesnt it?

In interviews Lynch talked about how MD being cancelled as a tv show opened up more possibilities to him to tell this story.
To me it seems that not having to make the film run for seasons allowed DL to create kind of a giant circle, almost a mirror to highlight the duality that is a major theme in the film. Not sure he could have done that as vividly in a tv series as in a film.
Sep 14, 2006 3:44 PM
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