Mull'Drive/assassination of Princess Diana

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Limousine accident (assassination?), DIANA Princess of Wales is dead, CAMILLA Parker Bowes moves into the Palace, becomes leading lady, Adam falls from grace.

Castles usually occupy the highground, In Los Angeles, in the Hollywood Hills, along the ridgeline at the apex runs Mulholland Drive.
There are many references to royal symbols am surprised no one else picked up on it.
Lynch gave us a surreal story that has many possible interpretations. The ?true?story can?t be proved. Its like a loosely arrayed group of objects that can be viewed from 360 degrees, Its like one of those ink blots psychiatrists use to use. Each of us has our own camera angle and our own M?Drive. Lynch wants you to have your own M?Drive dream, it was designed that way,
Id call it a Myth in the Jungian sense, A message describing something common in the subconscience of a whole culture. An outer story describes inner phenomenon don?t know if Lynch is a Jung man or not.
There is message I found, Lynch isn?t just using random weirdness, He uses the language of the Architypes.the language of dreams and myth.
His Method:
He got me into the desired suspension of disbelief with that gorgeous character of Laura Harring, Rita/Camilla, that exquisite naked sex scene; I became invested in the Rita?s survival then pulled into the Lynchian Surreal-isphere.Like a Salvador Dali or M K drawing. Trying to hold in the mind that which is impossible confounds the logical mind, and jams the circuits this allows messages to by pass reason and go straight into the subconscience without censorship of intellect. This condition is called cognitive dissonance, it is hypnotic-suggestion method, and Lynch knows exactly what he is doing.
Most interpretations of this movie cannot hold up under close inspection, yet neither do atomic particles, when looked at closely they turn into surreal mush. Physicists find that artifacts made by the means of observation disturb the particles definition.
An Image on a TV screen also becomes meaningless dots if one looks to closely.

There are many stories in Mulholland Drive , this is one I saw, I saw the ones others saw as well.but this one I did not hear from any of the other observers here of elsewhere.
It is a tales of our inner psychology. This is non-Cartesian non-linear Lynchian dream world not easy to follow and impossible to prove.

Adam, eyes meets with Diana it is love at first sight.

A hidden power coerces Adam into choosing Camilla; The power is banking power.
The Mafia is mere errand boys for this power. The power to bust a wealthy man?s account from within the bank. The woman they choose is called RHODES.
RHODES: as in Cecil Rhodes? As in Rhodesia, as in DeBeers, diamonds and gold of South Africa.
Certainly has more clout than Diana Spencer?s connections.
If they say this is the Girl, then it happens.
RHODES as in Rhodes Scholarships that Groom men for the Presidency, Men Who ? have the right attitude?
? Like the good life? ?and do Good? Does the Cowboy represent oil money? Even Cowboy is an errand boy
For the hidden one in the wheelchair. Mr. ROK as in Diamonds?
The biggest money is banking money, it can crush or make studios with petty cash, can make a princess die in an ?accident?.
Internally we are ADAM
We have been coerced by life, we betray our first love (Diana), and we (ADAM) fall from Eden, from grace.

Our original (inner) Princess is pushed aside by a Usurper ?Camilla?
Diana, She is heart broken, devastated.
How does she respond?
There are two path?s shown here,
One: Vengeance
She wants to have Camilla Killed, (AND WE BOTH GO TO JAIL).
Diana looses her Identity and her life.
You cannot Kill Camilla Rhodes, Kill one and another Camilla replaces her, except this time she looks more like the innocent blond archetype.

What is the other possibility? Breaking the illusion, finding the key.
HOW? It is shown to us, it is LOVE.
Love Camilla and she can be Rita, an exquisite lover, and companion
HOW? By exposing the illusion.
Awakening from the dream world, a word comes from an other language, Language of dream world; in this case it is Spanish, the message is SILENCIO,
In many a spiritual path Inner silence is the path to enlightenment, to make us whole again.

At Silencio Theater (where the KEY is discovered) the master of illusion (the Devil) exposes illusion. This is terrifying to the Doppelganger.
Love is needed, you can?t kill her or ?WE BOTH GO TO JAIL?
With Love, without needing to be told you?re loved in return, Rita becomes like the blond archetype, companion, and exquisite lover. Also has a great treasure $$$ of unknown origin
Our FATHER who art ?RIGHT UP STAIRS? enter into thine closet and when thou has shut the door(Silence) pray to the father which seeth(CAN HEAR EVERY THING) in secret and he shall reward thee openly.

More Royal symbolism; Betty auditions with a character CHUCK (Charles) who is yucky, she betrays herself to get to be leading lady.
Is the Demon behind the dumpster Kali the Indian goddess of destroying illusion?
Does Death wear a pale hat?
Here is an other clue for you all,
When the assassin kills to collect the book with the secret history of the world, there is a Union jack on his shirt.
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