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Uh, bitches

Support my new album. It's called Cereal. Uh, let me spit some barz

Tanny sucks a cock
Guess he's too chicken
Bitches be riding my Charles
No Dickens

*Gay laugh*

September 3!
Oct 16 - 14:15 PM
Much improved.
Oct 16 - 14:16 PM
Getting better!
Oct 16 - 14:16 PM
Oct 16 - 14:16 PM
You are the worst rapper ever. And that's really saying something, since rap, ya know, sucks balls.
Oct 16 - 14:17 PM
Ahem! Mic on yo girl
But she ain't singin
That's my nigga Mike
And he's "swimming"
Oct 16 - 14:20 PM
*throws beer bottle at your head*
Oct 16 - 14:20 PM

Fucking Tanny's girl
I'm her Mike Myers
Cause this Wayne's World
Oct 16 - 14:22 PM
*incites a riot and you are killed in the brawl*
Oct 16 - 14:27 PM
Bitch, you a hoe....
And yo mama is too
Imma get ready to fuck you
Oct 16 - 14:30 PM
Agh! It's still alive!

*beats it with a bat with barbed wire strung around it*
Oct 16 - 14:31 PM
Nicki, kill dis hoe.


Uh, yo
Tanny you a faggy
Get some manny
Bitch you is gay
I am too
Oct 16 - 14:33 PM
MMMM-MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM give me some chocolate lovn'!
Oct 16 - 14:35 PM
Oh shit! Did Nicki just eat David? My nigga, let's leave this bitch.
Oct 16 - 14:36 PM
Not really.
Oct 16 - 16:10 PM
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