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The Walking Dead S4E2: "Infected"

A brand-new enemy has the group fighting to protect the life they've built at the prison.

How did last week's season 4 premiere fare with you? (Need we remind you, it broke the all-time cable record with 20.2 million viewers; so if you didn't like it, that makes you unpopular and therefore completely wrong.) What do you expect to see tonight and for the rest of the season?
Oct 20 - 12:00 PM
Uhh, the amount of views that it had does not mean that someone disliking it will make them unpopular. 20.2 million people watched the season 4 premiere just because of how highly anticipated the 4th season was.

I enjoyed the episode because it served as a foundation, a platform for the 4th season to build up on, but it better get building fast. A friend of mine was complaining about how many of the episodes in the 2nd and 3rd season would end, and nothing at all really happened to advance the story, and I know many people who stopped watching in the 2nd or 3rd season because of that reason. So I feel like if tonight's episode doesn't push forward, if NEXT week's doesn't either, the Walking Dead is in serious trouble.
Oct 20 - 15:53 PM
The writing for The Walking Dead is horrendous. As you can tell on that chaotic after show, the writers are essentially a bunch of fanboys with their cocks out cheering at the screen.
Oct 21 - 07:41 AM
I was disappointed with the season premiere...and I was disappointed with episode 2 as well. So far, this season isn't doing anything for me.
Oct 21 - 10:21 AM
Was hoping we'd get a different storyline away from the prison. It's become boring and at this point I just want some big action..kill off some main characters and have them come back and stay around as Have baby zombies start taking over everythingI agree writing is not best. The claim to fame for this show is the make-up. The show has become mostly about showing bodily fluids shooting out of zombies. Not much story and boring character development.
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Oct 21 - 11:11 AM
Well, it is new and at least the show is over the whole "Woodbury" and the craziness themes with Rick but a lot of the events so far are things that flat out wouldn't happen in real life more so than any other season thus far. For instance, the entire store is mostly cleared but there are a herd of Zombies on the roof to the current idea of being sick and not informing help immediately.

But in the last episode was the worst, there is nobody from the outside around to spread this illness and to flat out die from being sick is rather messed up and highly unlikely. I just wish the show would go back to the way the show used to be and at least play with the idea of realism again.
Oct 21 - 12:02 PM
Im ok with it being in the prison and im glad it went back to what I started to watch this show to begin with...ZOMBIES! Second and third season sucked because they strayed form whats important. Surviving Zombies, finding a resistance, looking for a cure. BTW the whole idea of "if you dont watch the show you are unpopular" is stupid much like the person who posted it, must be an iphone user for sure
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Oct 21 - 19:28 PM
I think the woodbury and the war of the tribes was not the best parts of the series. I watch a Zombie show/movie to see humans surviving, fighting, winning, strategizing etc etc against a zombie horde to come out tops or go extinct. Either way the scenarios in a Zombie sho/movie should be zombie driven not tribal warfare or just human emotions. The whole woodbury fracas sucked the life out of the show and I and many of my friends stopped watching it midway. I will give it a go once again this season to see if the directors have realised their flaws. Judging by comments above it doesnt look like it. Such a sad thing if its true. I loved season 1 and most of season 2.
Oct 21 - 21:09 PM
The season premiere was beyond stupid, total waste of time! WTF! Dozens of Zombies falling through a roof at the same time they have been walking on for years, and all through different holes. Not watching anything that stupid again, I'm OUT! I am positive episode 2 was just as dumb and boring!
Oct 22 - 06:32 AM
The show has such terrible plot devices. In the premiere for example the black guy debating on whether to pocket a bottle of wine, to make a cheesy point that he might be an alcoholic, then having him put it back on the shelf only to have it fall and that be the catalyst for the zombies on the roof to fall through (how did they all get on the roof, did that helicopter have 50 people in it?). Episode 2 was better but would they not consider it's something in the food or water and where are all these zombies outside the prison coming from the last 2 episodes they are just constantly killing them at the fence and the fence has just about fallen over I don't know how many times. Stop switching directors/producers and get new writers
Oct 22 - 09:33 AM
The season opener set down a foundation to build on and explained what happened during the winter. As for the second episode, a good amount of people died and instilled the fear of zombies again instead of the disregard towards them in the former season. The "important" death in the end makes for an interesting narrative for the following episodes. I look forward to the rest of the season.
Oct 22 - 10:34 AM
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