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The Blacklist: S1E7, "Frederick Barnes"

This week's episode synopsis: "Liz and the FBI track the criminal responsible for a chemical attack on a subway. Elsewhere, Liz reluctantly reaches out to Red to help nab a brilliant scientist (Robert Sean Leonard)." What are you looking forward to tonight?
Nov 4 - 15:32 PM
There are things about this program I enjoy, particularly Spader.
This episode didn't hit me right; someone willing to kill hundreds of people to save his son.
I know its possible but not very real world to me. Maybe others disagree, I can see how they
Nov 6 - 09:43 AM
Wilson from house goes cookoo, my kind of episode
Nov 6 - 09:46 AM
Wasn't my favorite episode. Not particularly well written, but then again, when is this show ever "real world"?
Nov 6 - 11:46 AM
I agree with Mike and Ben, not the best episode. The story seemed too contrived/forced. Also, Robert Leonard was miscast as the 'bad guy'.
Nov 6 - 13:21 PM
Just saw this episode on Two things bothered me.
1: He didn't tell his son's mother that he had a cure. Not saying that would have changed anything, but it should have been done.
2: He gets killed before he was able to inject his son with the homemade cure. Did she have to kill him? No. She could have shot him in the shoulder, then arrested him. Granted he would get the death penalty, but he would be around long enough to know if he found the cure or not. If not, his expertise could have been used in finding one. I am sure he would give his life for that.
Other than that, I didn't have a problem with the episode and I can understand a father going to such great lengths to cure his son of a deadly rare disease. Especially since he doesn't get to be in the child's life and another man is fathering his son. I am sure that situation is as rare as the child's disease. If so, then it makes even more sense in the tv show.
Awesome show and I look forward to watching the rest of the season.
Nov 11 - 22:55 PM
On top of the sheer lunacy of shooting an unarmed man three times in the chest from eight feet away, as pointed out above, there was another major writing gaff. Spader actually advised authorities to watch the girl who survived the court room poisoning because the killer's don't like to leave witnesses. Really? Everyone already knows the killer's identity and the killer knows that. The reason to watch the girl is because she survived, and represents a cure ... which is what the whole story was about. Spader came off as a buffoon.
Nov 14 - 02:31 AM
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