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Discussion for S4E4: Indifference

So, Walking Dead fans... Will our heroes find a cure for the virus that's sweeping the prison? What will be the fallout from the revelation that Carol is a cold-blooded killer? What was up with that radio broadcast in the car? And who will be the next to die?
Nov 3 - 18:19 PM
jk. Pretty boring episode overall. Cold blooded move by Rick at the end.
Nov 3 - 19:48 PM
Nov 3 - 20:34 PM
Dialogue is getting really boring and cliched. I'm not going to watch further episodes.
Nov 4 - 01:59 AM
Those left need to move on from the prison; it getting stale like Woodbury!!!
Nov 4 - 04:07 AM
The show's starting to get repetitive and those corny looking cgi kills starting to get humorous.
Nov 4 - 04:13 AM
And let's not forget the cliche that happens in every episode, when out of nowhere a bunch of zombies pop out just to add "suspense" to a scene. Eventually they magically disappear.
Nov 4 - 06:35 AM
Agreed, that this episode was slow, but interested in the "you have to let go” mantra. Carol will be back, and Rick better watch his. Need to move forward from the infected family and friends.
Nov 4 - 06:47 AM
How is the show getting "repetitive"? It introduced a new threat which nobody knows anything about, an unknown presence is bringing zombies into the prison, and at least two of the main characters could get killed this season.
People looking to see zombies getting hacked for sixty minutes straight have terrible attention spans. The show is not about zombies per se, it's about how ordinary people react under duress.
Nov 4 - 10:39 AM
Sorry, one of the best 'dead' episodes ever. The threat this season is more interesting than anything in season three, reminding us that no matter what these people do, no matter how many zombies are killed, or how high their walls, something like a common cold or old age will bring the apocalypse back to their doorsteps. And last night's character-centric teleplay rivaled some of the best that's ever been written for television, right up there with 'Breaking Bad, 'The Wire,' and David Simon's transcendent little gem, 'Treme.' Episode four was challenging, and the opening scene in which going zombie was preferred over death was philosophically terrifying. This show is beginning to take on what was always unnerving about the zombie genre -- the loss of self -- and doing it way more justice than a show about zombies should really deserve. Boring? Only for the dull witted.
Nov 4 - 11:30 AM
I don't think the show is getting boring at all. Some times you need to slow things down and have a little character & story development. Rick did the right thing. Whether Carol did what she thought was right, it was still murder. The show isn't about killing zombies, it's about how these characters survive in a world gone wrong. The zombies are just the constant threat. It's only boring to people who eat at Macdonald's and think Transformers has too much story. You have to slow things down every once in a while so when something big happens it has more impact.
Nov 4 - 16:23 PM
AMC is known for original stories. Being a 5 year dedicated fan of Breaking Bad and a Walking Dead from the very beginning, I am very happy the story is going back its roots and focusing on the characters. I remember the first episode where Rick was stranded in the hospital and trying to figure things out. Not a single Zombie was killed that episode but the suspense of it all, the terror that Rick felt as a human being, really kept our hearts pounding. I want that back in the series. This is what make Walking Dead different and more appealing than other Zombie genres.
Nov 5 - 00:47 AM
What Carol SUPPOSED TO DO ? I really can't get it through
Nov 5 - 02:39 AM
Jackson Kwok: "Not a single Zombie was killed that episode". WRONG. It took like all of 10 minutes for Rick to get hit on the head with a shovel right after watching a Walker's brains getting blown out.

As for the people trying to defend this show, it's almost a lost cause. You don't have to be "dull witted" to think this show is spiraling down the drain and t he writers have no idea where to go with the plot. Season 3 was terrible and focused on a cartoonish villain who collected heads. This season is already an improvement on that, returning to the important moral issues like, was Carol justified in making the decision to kill 2 sick people because she thought the were a "threat" to all? Is Rick justified in exiling Carol without any input from other people in the prison? Those are the questions that make this show interesting. But were getting a whole lot less of that, and a whole lot more of "I hear a bump in the bathroom at midnight. Let me start slowly poking around alone and unarmed to see what happens" or "Let's start whacking this bush only to "accidentally" open the door to the least surprising zombie ambush ever. The fact is that zombies are slow, idiots. But the writters can no longer find logical ways to have them present a danger other than having our heroes make stupid decisions that make us go "WTF? Are they backed to the wall against one mob of zombies, and their plan is to open a door filled with zombies to be sandwiched between 2 mobs? GREAT IDEA! Did he just trip over jumping a whole 2 feet onto the ground? FANTASTIC! Everyone handles themselves like fumbling idiots, and while it was forgivable at first because people were getting used to life post zombie apocalypse, its been long enough. People should behave in ways and take actions that suggest they still have functioning brains. The first time I went "WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING!?" was on season 2, when they decided that to remove a zombie from an already contaminated well, they would lower Glenn down tied to a rope... even though they had over a dozen other wells. This series has become a lot of that.
Nov 5 - 09:20 AM
I don't understand why people even compare this to Breaking Bad or says its not as good. They're two different shows. Can't we agree they're both good? I didn't care for season three, but this season they're going to their roots with a new twist. I loved every episode so far, and this one takes the cake. The acting, the writing, the complex themes. Carol's character arc is incredible! Sad to see her go. Hope she comes back. She's turned out to be one of my favorite characters.
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Nov 5 - 11:12 AM
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