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What is the OT hierarchy- and where do you and I fit in?
time passes slowly, creativity runs dry, we need more haikus
Would a Musical about NimChimpsky Be Offensive or Really ****ing Offensive?
Should Charles Manson be in prison?
Time for the first epic saga of lawlessness and debauchery of the New Year.
Time for HOT Japanese chicks!!!
(The Return of) Space_Lord's Ordinary Woman of the Week!
Battlestar Craptastica?
Married by RT
Ask/Answer - Split Thread Pt. 2
Most Conservatives Make Me Want to be a Liberal
Why drink, why do drugs?
I just had the best sex while listening to Kid A
Iraq Must Pay Families of 9-11 Victims
I've Been Banned
RT Birthday thread
I have a SCANNER!!! Wooot!!! Please rate my arts...
Flirt with an RTer...
Should gays have the right to marry in America?
If you were a nazi guard, would you have sex with jewish prisoners?
I'm never giving to a homeless person again. Ever.
Yay or Nay? War in IRAQ
Hitler a deft wigger?
Who Would You Eat First?
G-Damn Rodent: A Groundhog's Day Rant from a resident of the area