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Islam sucks.
The Longest thread EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Split Thread Pt. 6
Are You Glad To Have Me Back?
The last person to reply to this wins!
Isn't It Forking Great To Have Me Back?
It's official: RT is dead
Put your iPod on shuffle. Post the first 25 songs. Be honest.
Oh my God. I finally did it. I talked to her.
RT Slam Dunk Contest
Rate my artwork
My Outrage with Tom Cruz!
The Longest Garlic Bread Thread Ever
My apologies..
Do my presence raise the quality of the Off-Topic forum?
Republican Ron Paul talks about stopping suicide terrorism
I have been reborn...
"He's a long-legged pissed-off Peurto Rican!!!"
On This Sad Day, Let's Make Jokes At The Expense Of Vin Diesel.
Why are gas prices so high?
Worst Drink or Food you ever had?
It's 9:30am and I've Already Had the Best Day of my Life
Coyote, I love america and americal loves me
Update: It's About Half Out!!!!!
Your confessions
The Creepiest Posters in OT