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Obama wastes little time in attacking the second ammendment.
Photography Thread
who is sexier: guys or girls?
I thought...
Parks and Recreation
biigwig hahahaa
A video I did with Ben Stiller and Ryan Seacrest
Who here has seen the aurora borealis?
Promise me that "Better Off Ted" is going to be canceled.
Republicans, religion and the triumph of unreason
**** Is Sloooowww Around Here Nowadays
What's the oddest animal you ever killed with your vehicle?
What is your preferred method of suicide?
do you think this is the worst commercial ever?
Ok, today was a Meeting for Worship for Business...
So, I just moritified myself in front of a huge audience
I just got kicked out of the Landmark Forum..
Brittany Murphy really is Clueless now
Music Festivals
awesome statues
Those of you who voted for Obama..
reading the wikipedia synopsis instead of watching the movie/reading the book/etc
An Ongoing List Of Karibou WTF? Moments...
This deserves it's own thread
Paradise Lost. Holy Living ****.