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NFL 2010 Discussion Thread
Prezi is an exciting alternative to PowerPoint
Pictures You Have Ruined.
The Thread for Everything (New & Improved!!!!)
Post your earworm.
monthly music review split thread 2
Let's talk about Dr. Who
Kind of disturbing article about antibiotics being useless in 10 years
The Word Association Thread
Netflix Watch Instantly Recommendations
Is anyone not aware of breast cancer?
Weekly News Bulletins
Louis CK's sitcom premieres tonight
Blood Meridian: The Movie.
Brock Lesnar Kills a ___ with a Cross Bow
The *OFFICIAL* Val Kilmer thread
HoMoses' Animal of the Day
That cat will never escape from that box.
Politics of The Wire
Which animated character would you have sex with?
With Deaf Guy gone, who should be the new whipping boy?
You ever watch a trailer that only serves to illustrate how subpar the movie will be?
Hyperbole and a Half
Mainstream comics have run completely out of ideas