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Singer in Lounge in Pillow Talk
First half of MD boring?
what is a plot hole?
MULHOLLAND DR. In My Mind - An Interpretation - !!-LONG POST-!! Read Comfortably =)
Spielburg or Kubrick?
David Lynch are giving clues ! in todays Guardian
Is Nancy crazy for going after Krueger?
Big Question, Is Riddick the killer?
Boycott Gangs of New York
The wedding band
The homeless, genderless man and what he means
Brendan Fraser
From which movie is this picture? - Split Thread Pt. 2
Donnie Darko Questions & Answers and Problems
Battle of the Sci-fi movies
WAKING LIFE - What's your philosophy?
BLUE VELVET (movie of the week #11) discussion thread
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Bum's Identity Clues
Diane as Rita? Camilla as Betty?
The Theory That Sent Shivers Down My Spine
Which scene in MD is your favorite?
What Memento is really about in a short nutshell...
ORANGE COUNTY - orange u glad u skipped this one!