General Discussion - 2003

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Legolas' Miraculous Leap Onto Horse - Against Laws of Physics?
The one place you MUST go if you visit Los Angeles
The Atheist Club
Whats the worst thing you've ever done?
the wedding singer in old school
Farting in public - Confidence or Pigish?
What does Aragorn say to Eowyn...
Very opening scene... falling into the pillow.
Corso's shoulder bag
Get RAD on DVD NOW!!
fabfunk's BIZARRO 100!
What movie has the best Cinematography of all-time?
IC and Karibou....
Russian Movies
What happened to Jennifer Conelly's breasts?
The Ent Wives?
what do you think is the saddest scene of all time?
what really was in 'the briefcase'?
Am I a sissy for using Blueberry Body Lotion?
Tired of new ideas? Welcome to REMAKE-LAND
Come, give us a taste of your quality: top 3 lists of anything.
Would anybody like to have sex with me?
Aunt Ruth killed herself.
SEASIDE (Pebbles) - French dra-medy may only not be for all tastes but it is original
Britney Spears