General Video Game Discussion - 2011

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Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Official Thread
Mirrors Edge X Enemy Territory. The Official Brink Thread.
The official 'I love the 3DS, it's so rad' launch Thread in 3D!
Persona 4 Is the Bee's Knees
Deus Ex Human Revolution Official Thread
Last of Us
New Club Nintendo
We have liftoff: The Official GVGD Ventrillo server.
The Binding of Isaac
The official The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim thread of "Goodbye Forever"
OT: Android Schmandroid -- The Official RTGVGD Thread of Smartphones
Rayman Origins thread of platforming mastery
Halloween gaming
"Ours is but to do, and die" - The Official League of Legends Thread
Official Duke Nukem Forever Thread of Immense Regret
OT: Awesome All Encompassing Music Thread
I Think I'm in Love - Frozen Synapse OT
Official Dark Souls thread so the world might be mended
Anyone playing Dead Island next week?
Saints Row 3 thread of finally a videogame with true artistic merit!
2011 - Year of the PS3 (For Reals This Time, Honest): PSN Edition
Aliens: Colonial Marines is still a thing that is happening!
VGM 9 - Round 1 - #2 Super Metroid vs. #15 Red Faction: Guerrilla
The Official Mass Effect 3 Thread of Lovecraftian Cuttlefish from Beyond the Stars
Anyone check out Payday: The Heist on PSN?