General Video Game Discussion - 2012

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I got my dad addicted to SpaceChem
Here is a Wii U thread
Please don't feed the AWESOMENAUTS
The Official Guild Wars 2 Thread of Unemployed Quest Givers
Borderlands 2 thread of lootin', shootin', and playing with your girlfriend.
The streets of Tokyo-to are ready to explode: Jet Set Radio HD
The official thread of pimping out Reaver's first book
Super VITA thread of awesome!
spelunky - Migraines R Us
Skullgirls: New Age of Heroines
BlazBlue Chronophantasma announced
Super official thread of Board Games!
KTM watches 24 from beginning to real time!
Doa 5 ot
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - A True Love Letter to Gamers, c/o Sumo Digital
DayZ Arma II Mod - Online Zombie Survival Apocalypse
Official Zone of the Enders HD Collection Thread Featuring High Speed Robot Action
The official Assassins Creed 3 Thread of scalping British heads,
Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2/Mirror of Fate thread for anticipation and overreaction
Great TVs for gaming
Paper Mario: Sticker Star
The Official Resident Evil 6 Thread of Jill sandwiches and giraffe blowjobs
The Walking Dead: The Game
The Official League Thread of Justice for Lego Batman: DC Heroes
So... "Silent Hill: Downpour"