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I have a pair of pants.
Hey, IC
The thread in which I review my refrigerator.
The OT Gets In Shape By June Thread!
What was the best Islamic Caliphate?
Have you ever been with a prostitute?
For a limited time I can get you cheap copies of The Restless Supermarket. Want one?
I'm going to go now
Tech **** that blows your mind.
Apparently it's ok for all white people to shoot black teens now, not just cops
And so it begins. Chapter II.
Breaking Bad Season 5
Hi, everyone. It's time for my yearly post to RT:OT.
Another ebay Horror
Dead Pool 2013
Everything You Watch This Year 2013 Florida...
I'm giving up on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Movies you almost want to watch on Netflix...
I'll leave this here for Little Irish
At 8pm EST a special on NGC: A man who is love with balloons
So what's going to happen toKaite Holmes?
Infinitus Corsair's Star Trek Trek
Gay Moses' semi-annual Top 10 list of posters
New Hobbit trailer