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Blade Runner: Shot by Shot
The Trifecta of Fũcking Bullshĩt: We Only Eat Protein Shakes, Falcon Eggs and Rocks.
Sherlock needs an official thread...
Is there a movie on Netflix to cheer me up?
RT's Brony Herd, Pt. 3: Let's All Go to the Movies!
Hazelrabbit victorious!
So I'm finally watching Crash (2004)
American Gods may hit HBO
Louie on FX...great show
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Hobbit: There and Back Again
Actors/actresses whose careers should've taken off...
What do you guys think of Blue Mountain State?
So I have a webcomic. GD edition.
So Bob's Burgers....
The Dinosaur Thread.
What book are you currently reading?
The Rotten Tomatoes Vinyl Records Thread.
The New Girl Reaction Thread.
HBO's "Game of Thrones" - The Official Thread
7K: Thief is caught in The Wire
Admit to the God Awful Films You`ve Watched Just For the Hotties
)T: Official 2011/12 Soccer/Football/Futbol Discussion Thread