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Should WWE wrestlers debate socialism v capitalism when wrestling in the ring?
Miscellaneous News
What is the opinion of oxygen on wealth and nations?
Does the history of CNN exist within every human embryo?
"Requests for post moving/deletion HERE" Who has actually had their accounts deleted?
3 weeks of not having a real drink.
Did Atomic Blonde not have "Atomic" by Blondie in it?
Do you guys get hilarious emails from Kateland?
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Beasts of the Southern Wild
Happy Eclipse Day...
What's up with Google's spellcheck?
Zuben and HoMoses' decent crime drama thread
Hey, can one of you webber net sleuths dig up that old thread about crime dramas I made?
Extremely important: should I go to the stranger things pop up bar
Game of Thrones leaks
Make Bigwig a new avatar contest
The new political climate in the US is changing people I know into obsessives
Solar eclipse anticipation/reaction thread
The "alt-left" is a thing now...
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Help me make memes to troll my racist uncle on facebook
Fuck it, I'll do a little low-rent Neuming
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Every US State Ranked by the Phonetic Aesthetic Pleasure of Its Name