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Lurkers and glitch-affected users of RT, try logging in normally now
The Cowboy Bebop Thread
The obscurest TV movies
Welcome to Toronto
Actors who have accepted Vanity
'Jurassic Park 4' Coming June 2014!
El thread en espaņol
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Most Emblematic Movies of where you're from
Rank your top 3 Kubrick Films
Guardians of the Galaxy Clips Leaked.
Your Top 5 Horror Films from the Year you were Born
Did anyone see the newest episode of Futurama?
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Richard Linklater's Boyhood
HBO's True Detective
What happened to Oscar Pistorius?
120 Greatest Musical Artists of the 1990s
Recommend me some great Korean Movies, please
Has Anyone Seen The Place Beyond The Pines (2013)?
The Black Lodge
Folks talking about wrestling - PART 8: The Macho/ Flair affair
Netflix Comings and Goings
Post what song you are listening to, split 6