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I need you all to show some love for FX's The Americans! Please!
Woman on date gets trapped in window trying to retrieve her own... poo
PEW! PEW! PEW! The Video Game Thread!
How is Firehosue Dog?
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Spooky Music
Chester Bennington, R.I.P.
RIP Glen Campbell (True Grit, Rhinestone Cowboy)
RIP Jay Thomas
RIP Frank Vincent (Goodfellas, Casino, The Sopranos)
RIP Sam Shephard and Jeanne Moreau
What's Your Favorite Movie Posters?
mother! makes $7.5 million.
A lesson in getting a move on, also you can put me on trial if you want
Bite my ass, angry molesting tree!
Oh yeah, well, I like most of you!
Are we over the "Golden Age" of cinema?
"Spooky" Cartoons
The (new) Stephen King Ka-Tet thread.
Are you stoked AF for the wonderfully titled... VENGEANCE: A Love Story?
Rated NCC-1701 is a time lord supreme.
Popcorn Reviews needs stiff cock up his ass
Popcorn Reviews? More like Popcorn SNOOZE